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Microbial methylation of metalloids : Arsenic, antimony, and bismuth. BENTLEY (Ronald) ; CHASTEEN (Thomas-G). MICROBIOLOGY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY REVIEWS. 2002; 250-3 (24p.), issn 1092-2172ARTICLE.

Mould and yeast induced bronchial damage in agricultural population.VERGNENEGRE (A.) ; BONNAUD (F.) ; BOUSQUET (J.) et al. MAN : MICROBIOLOGIE ALIMENTS NUTRITION. 1990; 85-94, issn 0759-0644ARTICLE.

Use of intrapartum antibiotics and the incidence of postnatal maternal and neonatal yeast infections.DINSMOOR (Mara-J) ; VILORIA (Rebekah) ; LIEF (Louisa) et al. OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY. 2005; 19-22, issn 0029-7844ARTICLE.

Isolation of yeasts from bovine milk in Belgium. LAGNEAU (P.E.) ; LEBTAHI (K.) ; SWINNE (D.). MYCOPATHOLOGIA. 1996; 99-102, issn 0301-486XARTICLE.

Vaccinazione contro l'epatite B. L'esperienza 1988-1991 nella U.S.S.L. 9: Lombardia. = Active immunization against hepatitis B. Valuation of 1988-1991 activity in USSL 9 - Lombardy.GARIBOLDI (G.). ANNALI DI IGIENE, MEDICINA PREVENTIVA E DI COMUNITA. 1993; 199-205, issn 1120-9135ARTICLE.

Evaluation of six commercial systems for identification of medically important yeasts. BUCHAILLE (L.) ; FREYDIERE (A.M.) ; GUINET (R.) et al. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES. 1998; 479-488, issn 0934-9723ARTICLE.

Prophylaxie des mycoses dans un service d'oncologie médicale : aspergilloses, candidoses. = Prophylaxis against Aspergillosis and Candidosis.RICHARD-LENOBLE (D.). BULLETIN DE LA SOCIETE FRANCAISE DE MYCOLOGIE MEDICALE. 1990; 145-150, issn 0373-8744ARTICLE.

Isolation of Cryptococcus neoformans from pigeon (Columba livia) droppings in northern Iran. KHOSRAVI (A.R.). MYCOPATHOLOGIA. 1997; 93-95, issn 0301-486XARTICLE.

Biotechnologies par germes modifiés. Discussion. = Biotechnology and genetically modified microorganisms.DESHAYES (A.F.) ; BOUR (H.) ; DESHAYES et al. BULLETIN DE L'ACADEMIE NATIONALE DE MEDECINE. 1992; 1317-1325, issn 0001-4079ARTICLE.

A study on the survival of wild-type, laboratory and recombinant strains of the baker yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae under sterile and nonsterile conditions.BROKER (M.). ZENTRALBLATT FUR HYGIENE UND UMWELTMEDIZIN. 1990; 547-557, issn 0934-8859ARTICLE.

Screening of estrogen-like activity of mineral water stored in PET bottles.PINTO (Barbara) ; REALI (Daniela) ; Department of Experimental Pathology Medical Biotechnology Infectivology and Epidemiology. University of Pisa. Pisa. ITA. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYGIENE AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. 2009; 228-232, issn 1438-4639ARTICLE.

Flore fongique pathogene des bains maures de Rabat (Maroc). = Pathogenic fungal flora in Moorish baths of Rabat (Morroco).OUAFFAK (L.) ; ZELLOU (A.) ; ZAIM (B.) et al. JOURNAL DE MYCOLOGIE MEDICALE. 2003; 19-23, issn 1156-5233ARTICLE.

Predictive modelling approach applied to bakery products.MEMBRE (J.M.) ; KUBACZKA (M.) ; CHENE (C.) et al. ACTA HORTICULTURAE. 2001, isbn 90-6605-755-6; 369-374, issn 0567-7572, isbn 90-6605-755-6ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Aerodynamic diameters and respiratory deposition estimates of viable fungal particles in mold problem dwellings.REPONEN (T.). AEROSOL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. 1995; 11-23, issn 0278-6826ARTICLE.

Caracterizacion micologica de aguas "crudas" y filtradas en la Planta de tratamiento de Tres Rios, Costa Rica. = Mycological characterizatin or "row" and filtered water in the Tres Rios treatment plant, Costa Rica.VALIENTE ALVAREZ (C.I.). REVISTA DE BIOLOGIA TROPICAL. 1993; 417-422, issn 0034-7744ARTICLE.

Affections respiratoires non infectieuses professionnelles liées aux agents biologiques : Physiopathologie et réactions syndromiques. = Non-infectious respiratory diseases related to biological agents.ROSENBERG (N.). DOCUMENTS POUR LE MEDECIN DU TRAVAIL. 2005; 137-244 (12p.), issn 0339-6517ARTICLE.

The seasonal variability of yeasts and yeast-like organisms in water and bottom sediment of the Zczecin Lagoon. BOGUSLAWSKA-WAS (Elzbieta) ; DABROWSKI (Waldemar) ; Department of Microbiology. Agricultural University. Szczecin. POL. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYGIENE AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. 2001; 451-458, issn 1438-4639ARTICLE.

Hormonal effects of several chemicals in recombinant yeast, MCF-7 cells and uterotrophic assays in mice. PARK (J.S.) ; LEE (B.J.) ; KANG (K.S.) et al. JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY. 2000; 293-299, issn 1017-7825ARTICLE.

Bather-related microbial and yeast populations in sand and seawater. PAPADAKIS (J.A.) ; MAVRIDOU (A.) ; RICHARDSON (S.C.) et al. WATER RESEARCH. 1997; 799-804, issn 0043-1354ARTICLE.

Epidemiology of nosocomial fungal infections.FRIDKIN (S.K.) ; JARVIS (W.R.). CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY REVIEWS. 1996; 499-511, issn 0893-8512ARTICLE.

Les plantes génétiquement modifiées. = Genetically-modified plants.DOUCE (Roland)(compil.) ; Académie des sciences. Paris. FRA. ACADEMIE DES SCIENCES - RAPPORTS SUR LA SCIENCE ET LA TECHNOLOGIE. 2002, isbn 2-7430-0587-4; LXIV+166p., ill., fig., graph., isbn 2-7430-0587-4FASCICULE, RAPPORT.

International surveillance of bloodstream infections due to Candida species : Frequency of occurrence and antifungal susceptibilities of isolates collected in 1997 in the United States, Canada, and South America for the SENTRE Program. PFALLER (M.A.) ; JONES (R.N.) ; DOERN (G.V.) et al. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY. 1998; 1886-1889, issn 0095-1137ARTICLE.

Epidemiologic skin test survey of sensitivity to paracoccidioidin, histoplasmin and sporotrichin among gold mine workers of Morro Velho Mining, Brazil. TAVARES RODRIGUES (M.T.) ; APARECIDA DE RESENDE (M.). MYCOPATHOLOGIA. 1996; 89-98, issn 0301-486XARTICLE.

Etude epidémiologique des mycoses humaines dans la région d'Aix-en-Provence. = Epidemiological study of human mycosis in the Aix-en-Provence area.REGLI (P.) ; FAVEL (A.) ; ARNAUD (Y.) et al. JOURNAL DE MYCOLOGIE MEDICALE. 1994; 37-41, issn 1156-5233ARTICLE.

Comparison of restriction enzyme analysis versus pulsed-field gradient gel electrophoresis as a typing system for Torulopsis glabrata and Candida species other than C. albicans.VAZQUEZ (J.A.) ; BECKLEY (A.) ; DONABEDIAN (S.) et al. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY. 1993; 2021-2030, issn 0095-1137ARTICLE.

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