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Increase in bone calcification in young rats fed breads highly fortified with calcium. RANHOTRA (G.S.) ; GELROTH (J.A.) ; LEINEN (S.D.) et al. CEREAL CHEMISTRY. 1999; 325-327, issn 0009-0352ARTICLE.

Selenium content of wheat for bread making in Scotland and the relationship between glutathione peroxidase (EC levels in whole blood and bread consumption.BARCLAY (M.N.I.) ; MACPHERSON (A.) ; Scottish agricultural coll. Ayr. GBR. BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION. 1992; 261-270, issn 0007-1145ARTICLE.

PCNs (polychlorinated napthalenes) : Dietary exposure via cereal crops, distribution and screening-level risk assessment in wheat, rice, soil and air along two tributaries of the River Chenab, Pakistan.MAHMOOD (Adeel) ; RIFFAT NASEEM MALIK ; JUN LI et al. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. 2014; 409-417, issn 0048-9697ARTICLE.

Diarrhée chronique révélant une allergie au blé. = Wheat enteropathy in children.DE BOISSIEU (D.) ; DUPONT (C.) ; Service de médecine néonatale. Hôpital (S.A.I.N.T.). - (V.I.N.C.E.N.T.). - D.E. - (P.A.U.L.). Université Paris-Descartes. Paris. FRA. ARCHIVES DE PEDIATRIE. 2009; 306-308, issn 0929-693XARTICLE.

Clinical significance of IgG subclass antibodies to wheat flour antigens in bakers.TIIKKAINEN (U.) ; KLOCKARS (M.) ; Inst occupational health. Helsinki. FIN. ALLERGY. 1990; 497-504, issn 0105-4538ARTICLE.

Exposure to Flour Dust and Sensitization Among Bakery Employees.PAGE (Elena-H) ; DOWELL (Chad-H) ; MUELLER (Charles-A) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE. 2010; 1225-1232, issn 0271-3586ARTICLE.

Fecal bile acid concentrations in a subpopulation of the wheat bran fiber colon polyp trial.ALBERTS (David-S) ; EINSPAHR (Janine-G) ; EARNEST (David-L) et al. CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY, BIOMARKERS AND PREVENTION. 2003; 197-200, issn 1055-9965ARTICLE.

Wheat bran and oat bran effectively reduce oxidative stress induced by high-fat diets in pigs.REZAR (V.) ; PAJK (T.) ; MARINSEK (R.) et al. ANNALS OF NUTRITION AND METABOLISM. 2003; 78-84, issn 0250-6807ARTICLE.

Gluten de blé et oeuf : deux allergènes à rechercher en cas d'asthme du boulanger. = Wheat gluten and egg : don't forget them in baker's asthma. DUPAS (D.) ; DENIMAL (R.) ; LEBAIL (E.) et al. ARCHIVES DES MALADIES PROFESSIONNELLES ET DE MEDECINE DU TRAVAIL. 2000; 114-, issn 1250-3274ARTICLE.

Two patients with occupational asthma who returned to work with dust respirators. OBASE (Y.) ; SHIMODA (T.) ; MITSUTA (K.) et al. OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE. 2000; 62-64, issn 1351-0711ARTICLE.

A diagnostic model for the detection of sensitization to wheat allergens was developed and validated in bakery workers.SUARTHANA (Eva) ; VERGOUWE (Yvonne) ; MOONS (Karel-G) et al. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2010; 1011-1019, issn 0895-4356ARTICLE.

Historical changes in the concentrations of selenium in soil and wheat grain from the Broadbalk experiment over the last 160 years.FAN (Ming-Sheng) ; ZHAO (Fang-Jie) ; POULTON (Paul-R) et al. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. 2008; 532-538, issn 0048-9697ARTICLE.

Heavy metals in wheat grain : Assessment of potential health risk for inhabitants in Kunshan, China.MINGLI HUANG ; SHENGLU ZHOU ; BO SUN et al. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. 2008; 54-61, issn 0048-9697ARTICLE.

Grouping strategies for exposure to inhalable dust, wheat allergens and alpha-amylase allergens in bakeries. HOUBA (R.) ; HEEDERIK (D.) ; KROMHOUT (H.) et al. ANNALS OF OCCUPATIONAL HYGIENE. 1997; 287-296, issn 0003-4878ARTICLE.

From the neolithic revolution to gluten intolerance : Benefits and problems associated with the cultivation of wheat. Discussion.GRECO (L.) ; PENA ; KASARDA et al. JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC GASTOENTEROLOGY AND NUTRITION. 1997; S14-S17, issn 0277-2116ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Concentration, distribution, and human health risk assessment of endosulfan from a manufacturing facility in Huai'an, China.WANG (De-Gao) ; ALAEE (Mehran) ; GUO (Ming-Xing) et al. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. 2014; 163-169, issn 0048-9697ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Exposure to Flour Dust in South African Supermarket Bakeries : Modeling of Baseline Measurements of an Intervention Study.BAATJIES (Roslynn) ; MEIJSTER (Tim) ; LOPATA (Andreas) et al. ANNALS OF OCCUPATIONAL HYGIENE. 2010; 309-318, issn 0003-4878ARTICLE.

Modelling exposure in flour processing sectors in The Netherlands : a baseline measurement in the context of an intervention program.MEIJSTER (Tim) ; TIELEMANS (Erik) ; DE PATER (Nettie) et al. ANNALS OF OCCUPATIONAL HYGIENE. 2007; 293-304, issn 0003-4878ARTICLE.

Specific inhalation challenge with wheat flour in workers with suspected baker's asthma. DE ZOTTI (R.) ; BOVENZI (M.) ; NEGRO (C.) et al. INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES OF OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. 1999; 335-337, issn 0340-0131ARTICLE.

Wheat chemistry, technology, and nutrition : Current research priorities. FEILLET (P.). CEREAL FOODS WORLD. 1999; 752-756, issn 0146-6283ARTICLE.

Iron fortification in the Americas.HERTRAMPF (Eva) ; International Life Sciences Institute Ilsi Human Nutrition Institute. INT(com.) ; United States Agency for International Development Usaid. USA(com.). NUTRITION REVIEWS. 2002; S22-S25, issn 0029-6643ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in air, soil, and cereal crops along the two tributaries of River Chenab, Pakistan : Concentrations, distribution, and screening level risk assessment.MAHMOOD (Adeel) ; JABIR HUSSAIN SYED ; RIFFAT NASEEM MALIK et al. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. 2014; 596-604, issn 0048-9697ARTICLE.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in edible grain : A pilot study of agricultural crops as a human exposure pathway for environmental contaminants using wheat as a model crop.KOBAYASHI (Reiko) ; OKAMOTO (Robert-A) ; MADDALENA (Randy-L) et al. ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH. 2008; 145-151, issn 0013-9351ARTICLE.

Application of porous foams for size-selective measurements of airborne wheat allergen.BOGDANOVIC (J.) ; DE PATER (A.J.) ; DOEKES (G.) et al. ANNALS OF OCCUPATIONAL HYGIENE. 2006; 131-136, issn 0003-4878ARTICLE.

Virtual food components : functional food effects expressed as food components.MONRO (J.A.). EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION. 2004; 219-230, issn 0954-3007ARTICLE.

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