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Assessment of nutrition education needs in an urban school district in Connecticut : Establishing priorities through research. PEREZ-ESCAMILLA (Rafael) ; HALDEMAN (Lauren) ; GRAY (Sharon). JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION. 2002; 559-562, issn 0002-8223ARTICLE.

Réflexions et propositions sur le Plan du Gouvernement pour le Logement Social en Ile de FranceComité Economique et Social de la Région Ile de France. (C.E.S.). Paris. FRA. 1990; 112 p.RAPPORT.

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L'hygiène urbaine à Lyon à l'époque gallo-romaine. = Urban hygiene in Lyon during galloroman age.BOUVIER (M.). JOURNAL DE MEDECINE DE LYON. 1994; 255-258, issn 0021-7883ARTICLE.

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A simple provider-based educational intervention to boost infant immunization rates : A controlled trial. STILLE (Christopher-J) ; CHRISTISON-LAGAY (Joan) ; BERNSTEIN (Bruce-A) et al. CLINICAL PEDIATRICS. 2001; 365-373, issn 0009-9228ARTICLE.

Some observations on the aeromycoflora using a combination of vertical, durham & rotorod samplers. VERMA (K.S.). JOURNAL OF THE INDIAN BOTANICAL SOCIETY. 1998; 231-232, issn 0019-4468ARTICLE.

A mortalidade materna em areas urbanas na América Latina: o caso de Sao Paulo, Brasil. = Maternal morbidity in latin America urban areas : the case of Sao paulo, Brasil.LAURENTI (R.). BOLETIN DE LA OFICINA SANITARIA PANAMERICANA. 1994; 18-26, issn 0030-0632ARTICLE.

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Doctors perceptions of the influences on their prescribing : a comparison of general practitioners based in rural and urban Australia. CUTTS (Christopher) ; TETT (Susan-E) ; School of Pharmacy. University of Queensland. Brisbane Qld. AUS. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY. 2003; 761-766, issn 0031-6970ARTICLE.

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Evaluation of a clinic-based program to promote book sharing and bedtime routines among low-income urban families with young children. HIGH (P.) ; HOPMANN (M.) ; LAGASSE (L.) et al. ARCHIVES OF PEDIATRICS AND ADOLESCENT MEDICINE. 1998; 459-465, issn 1072-4710ARTICLE.

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