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Effects of alpha-tocopherol and bêta-carotene supplementation on cancer incidence and mortality : 18-Year postintervention follow-up of the Alpha-Tocopherol, Beta-Carotene Cancer Prevention Study.VIRTAMO (Jarmo); TAYLOR (Phil-R); KONTTO (Jukka) et al.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER. 2014, issn 0020-7136; 178-185ARTICLE.

Vitamin A and E status of some rural populations in the north of Cameroon. GOUADO (I.) : CMR. Department of Biochemistry. Faculty of Science. The University of Douala.; MBIAPO (T.F.); MOUNDIPA (F.P.) : CMR. Department of Biochemistry. Faculty of Science. The University of Ngaoundéré. et al.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR VITAMIN AND NUTRITION RESEARCH. 1998, issn 0300-9831; 21-25ARTICLE.

Prediagnostic serum levels of carotenoids and vitamin E as related to subsequent cancer in Washington county, Maryland.AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION. 1991, issn 0002-9165; 260S-264SARTICLE.

A possible role for vitamins C and E in cataract prevention.AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION. 1991, issn 0002-9165; 346S-351SARTICLE.

Vitamin E and cancer prevention.AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION. 1991, issn 0002-9165; 283S-286SARTICLE.

Longitudinal Association of Serum Carotenoids and Tocopherols with Hostility : The CARDIA Study.OHIRA (Tetsuya); HOZAWA (Atsushi); IRIBARREN (Carlos) et al.AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2008, issn 0002-9262; 42-50ARTICLE.

Epidemiology of Alzheimer's disease. = Epidémiologie de la maladie d'Alzheimer. HENDRIES (H.C.).GERIATRICS. 1997, issn 0016-867X; S4-S8, tabl., fig.ARTICLE.

Studies evaluating antioxidants and bêta-carotene as chemopreventives.AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION. 1991, issn 0002-9165; 305S-313SARTICLE.

Vitamine E et sélénium dans le sang des enfants de la Haute Silésie (Pologne). = Vitamin E and selenium in the blood of Upper Silesia children (Poland). ROKICKI (Wladyslaw); STRZALKOWSKI (Adam); KLAPCINSKA (Barbara) : POL. Département de Biochimie de l'Ecole Supérieure d'Education Physique. Katowice. et al.BIOMETRIE HUMAINE ET ANTHROPOLOGIE. 2000, issn 1279-7863; 171-173ARTICLE.

Association between low plasma vitamin E concentration and progression of early cortical lens opacities.ROUHIAINEN (P.); ROUHIAINEN (H.) : FIN. The Department of Ophthalmology. University Hospital of Kuopio. Kuopio.; SALONEN (J.T.) et al.AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 1996, issn 0002-9262; 496-500ARTICLE.

Lower tocopherol serum levels in subjects with abdominal adiposity.OHRVALL (M.); TENGBLAD (S.); VESSBY (B.) et al.JOURNAL OF INTERNAL MEDICINE. 1993, issn 0954-6820; 53-60ARTICLE.

Collection of dietary-supplement data and implications for analysis.AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION. 1994, issn 0002-9165; 232S-239SARTICLE.

Different antioxidant profiles in Italian centenarians : the Sardinian peculiarity.POLIDORI (M.C.) : DEU. Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I. Heinrich-Heine Universitdt Düsseldorf.; MARIANI (E.); BAGGIO (G.) : ITA. Internal Medicine Unit. Azienda Ospedale-Universitd di Padova. et al.EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION. 2007, issn 0954-3007; 922-924ARTICLE.

Incidence of Cancer and mortality following alpha-tocopherol and bêta-carotene supplementation a Postintervention follow-up.Atbc Study Group. INCJOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. 2003, issn 0098-7484; 476-485ARTICLE.

Serum alpha tocopherol concentrations and cholesterol ester fatty acid composition in 70-year-old men reflect those 20 years earlier. OHRVALL (M.); TENGBLAD (S.); GREF (C.G.) et al.EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION. 1996, issn 0954-3007; 381-385ARTICLE.

Is plastoquinone10-ox an antioxidant marker of red wines ?GVOZDJAKOVA (A.) : SVK. Pharmacobiochemical Laboratory of Medical Faculty. Komensky Universty. Hlboká 7. Bratislava.; KUCHARSKA (J.); DURISIN (P.) et al.VITIS. 1996, issn 0042-7500; 103-104ARTICLE.

Serum carotenoids, alpha-tocopherol and mortality risk in a prospective study among Dutch elderly. Commentary. DE WAART (F.G.); SCHOUTEN (E.G.); STALENHOEF (A.F.H.) et al.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2001, issn 0300-5771; 136-144ARTICLE.

Vitamin E and human health : Rationale for determining recommended intake levels. WEBER (P.); BENDICH (A.); MACHLIN (L.J.) et al.NUTRITION. 1997, issn 0899-9007; 450-460ARTICLE.

Vitamin E serum levels in patients with leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. MARCO (N.); GIMFERRER (E.); MESTRES (J.) et al.EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 1997, issn 0393-2990; 853-854ARTICLE.

Evaluation of a food frequency questionnaire with weighed records, fatty acids, and alpha-tocopherol in adipose tissue and serum. ANDERSEN (L.F.); SOLVOLL (K.); JOHANSSON (L.R.K.) : NOR. National Nutrition Council. Oslo. et al.AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 1999, issn 0002-9262; 75-87ARTICLE.

Prediagnostic levels of serum micronutrients in relation to risk of gastric cancer in Shanghai, China.YUAN (Jian-Min); ROSS (Ronald-K); GAO (Yu-Tang) : CHN. Department of Epidemiology. Shanghai Cancer Institute. Shanghai. et al.CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY, BIOMARKERS AND PREVENTION. 2004, issn 1055-9965; 1772-1780ARTICLE.

Association between alpha-tocopherol, gamma-tocopherol, selenium, and subsequent prostate cancer. HELZLSOUER (Kathy-J); HUANG (Han-Yao); ALBERG (Anthony-J) et al.JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE. 2000, issn 0027-8874; 2018-2023ARTICLE.

Vitamin E intake in relation to allergic sensitization and IGE serum concentration.SAUSENTHALER (Stefanie); LOEBEL (Tobias); LINSEISEN (Jakob) et al.CENTRAL EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2009, issn 1210-7778; 79-85ARTICLE.

Stress oxydatif et fonctionnement cognitif au cours du vieillissement : Apports des études épidémiologiques. BERR (Claudine) : FRA. Inserm U360 Recherches épidémiologiques en neurologie et psychopathologie - Hôpital de la Salpêtrière. Paris..AGE AND NUTRITION. 2001, issn 1158-0259; 95-100ARTICLE.

A case-control study of plasma antioxidant (pro-) vitamins in relation to respiratory symptoms in non-smokers. GRIEVINK (L.) : NLD. Netherlands Institute of Health Sciences (Nihes). Rotterdam.; SMIT (H.A.); VAN'T VEER (P.) et al.EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2000, issn 1044-3983; 59-63ARTICLE.

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