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Du signalement à la prise en charge, quel est le rôle de l'Aide Sociale à l'Enfance ? = From detection to care, what is the role of the child welfare system ?SAMSON (B.) ; Association Française de Pédiatrie. FRA(com.) ; Association des Pédiatres de Langue Française. (A.P.L.F.). INC(com.). ARCHIVES DE PEDIATRIE. 2009; 946-947, issn 0929-693XARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Mise en place d'un système d'assurance qualité ISO 9001 en cancérologie pédiatrique. = Implementation of quality assurance program ISO 9001 in a department of paediatric oncology.KANOLD (J.) ; HALLE (P.) ; PAILLARD (C.) et al. ARCHIVES DE PEDIATRIE. 2008; 122-134, issn 0929-693XARTICLE.

An encounter card system for increasing feedback to students. PAUKERT (Judy-L) ; RICHARDS (Melanie-L) ; OLNEY (Cynthia) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SURGERY. 2002; 300-304, issn 0002-9610ARTICLE.

Multilevel analysis of situational drinking among Canadian undergraduates. DEMERS (Andrée) ; KAIROUZ (Sylvia) ; ADLAF (Edward-M) et al. SOCIAL SCIENCE AND MEDICINE. 2002; 415-424, issn 0277-9536ARTICLE.

J97 as a tool to investigate the effects of the southeast Asia smog. BRICKNELL (M.C.M.) ; MORRIS (C.) ; DUNN (R.) et al. JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS. 1999; 120-124, issn 0035-8665ARTICLE.

An improved method of communication between computerized accident and emergency departments and general practitioners.WILLIAMS (M.J.) ; HALEY (P.) ; GOSNOLD (J.K.) et al. ARCHIVES OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE. 1991; 192-195, issn 0264-4924ARTICLE.

Modeling the vulnerability of an industrial system : An ideal system of a simplified reactor vessel.WEIFANG SHI ; WEIHUA ZENG ; LIXIAO ZHANG et al. SAFETY SCIENCE. 2013; 193-199, issn 0925-7535ARTICLE.

On the selection and installation of surge protection devices in a TT wiring system for equipment and human safety.GOMES (Chandima). SAFETY SCIENCE. 2011; 861-870, issn 0925-7535ARTICLE.

Standards of documentation of the surgeon-patient consultation in current surgical practice. FERNANDO (K.J.) ; SIRIWARDENA (A.K.) ; University Department of Surgery. The Royal Infirmary. Edinburgh. GBR. BRITISH JOURNAL OF SURGERY. 2001; 309-312, issn 0007-1323ARTICLE.

The rising level of medical student debt : Potential risk for a national default. ARIYAN (S.). PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY. 2000; 1457-1464, issn 0032-1052ARTICLE.

Coronary heart disease surveillance : field application of an epidemiologic algorithm. ASSAF (A.R.) ; LAPANE (K.L.) ; MCKENNEY (J.L.) et al. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2000; 419-426, issn 0895-4356ARTICLE.

Reliability of report coding of hospital referrals in primary care versus practice-based coding. LETRILLIART (L.) ; GUIGUET (M.) ; FLAHAULT (A.) et al. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2000; 653-659, issn 0393-2990ARTICLE.

Construction et fonctionnement du système qualité. = Constructing and functionning of quality system.REBOLLE (C.). L' EUROBIOLOGISTE. 1996; 51-54, issn 0999-5749ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Progress in the development of trauma systems in the United States : results of a national survey.BAZZOLI (G.J.) ; MADURA (K.J.) ; COOPER (G.F.) et al. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. 1995; 395-401, issn 0098-7484ARTICLE.

A rational process for the reform of the physician payment system.MALONEY (Jvjr). ANNALS OF SURGERY. 1995; 134-145, issn 0003-4932ARTICLE.

Obstetric services in a district health system in Zululand.WILKINSON (D.). TROPICAL DOCTOR. 1995; 19-21, issn 0049-4755ARTICLE.

Évaluation de l'éducation au traitement anticoagulant et au système d'auto-mesure de l'INR CoaguChek XS chez l'enfant. = Evaluation of an education program for oral anticoagulation in children with the INR home-monitoring CoaguChek XS.SOULE (N.) ; BENBRIK (N.) ; GOURNAY (V.) et al. ARCHIVES DE PEDIATRIE. 2013; 1179-1186, issn 0929-693XARTICLE.

Bloc auriculo-ventriculaire après fermeture d'une communication interauriculaire avec un système Amplatzer septal occluder. = Atrioventricular block after transcatheter atrial septal defect closure using the Amplatzer septal occluder.CHANTEPIE (A.) ; LEFORT (B.) ; SOULE (N.) et al. ARCHIVES DE PEDIATRIE. 2013; 1333-1336, issn 0929-693XARTICLE.

Can urgency classification of the Manchester triage system predict serious bacterial infections in febrile children ?NIJMAN (Ruud-G) ; ZWINKELS (Rob-Lj) ; VAN VEEN (Mirjam) et al. ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2011; 715-722, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Effect of an intervention standardization system on pediatric dosing and equipment size determination : A crossover trial involving simulated resuscitation events. SHAH (Amit-N) ; FRUSH (Karen) ; XUEMEI LUO et al. ARCHIVES OF PEDIATRICS AND ADOLESCENT MEDICINE. 2003; 229-236, issn 1072-4710ARTICLE.

DRGs der muskuloskelettalen Erkrankungen : Konsequenzen für die Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie. = Drgs of Musculoskeletal Diseases : Consequences for orthopaedics and accident surgery. BRANDL (H.) ; WILDNER (M.) ; SANGHA (O.) et al. DAS GESUNDHEITSWESEN. 2002; 242-252, issn 0941-3790ARTICLE.

The hospital water supply as a source of nosocomial infections : A plea for action. ANAISSIE (Elias-J) ; PENZAK (Scott-R) ; DIGNANI (Mcecilia) et al. ARCHIVES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE. 2002; 1483-1492, issn 0003-9926ARTICLE.

Does system membership enhance financial performance in hospitals ?TENNYSON (D.H.) ; FOTTLER (M.D.). MEDICAL CARE RESEARCH AND REVIEW. 2000; 29-50, issn 1077-5587ARTICLE.

Surveillance sentinelle de la grippe au Maroc. = sentinel supervision of influenza in Marrocco. BARAKAT (A.) ; BENHAFID (M.) ; MANUGUERA (J.C.) et al. ESPERANCE MEDICALE. 1999; 10-13ARTICLE.

The asthma outreach project : A promising approach to comprehensive asthma management. STOUT (J.W.) ; WHITE (L.C.) ; ROGERS (L.T.) et al. THE JOURNAL OF ASTHMA. 1998; 119-127, issn 0277-0903ARTICLE.

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