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Creating and Using New Data Sources to Analyze the Relationship Between Social Policy and Global Health : The Case of Maternal Leave.HKYMANN (Jody) ; RAUB (Amy) ; EARLE (Alison) et al. PUBLIC HEALTH REPORTS. 2011; 127-134, issn 0033-3549ARTICLE.

Sozialmedizinische Begutachtung der Notwendigkeit und Dauer von Krankenhausbehandlung im G-DRG-System. = Evaluation of the Appropriate Utilization of Hospital Sources.DIRSCHEDL (P.) ; WAIBEL (B.) ; MOHRMANN (M.) et al. DAS GESUNDHEITSWESEN. 2010; 433-440, issn 0941-3790ARTICLE.

Source inventory limits.KERR (G.D.) ; ECKERMAN (K.F.). HEALTH PHYSICS. 1990; 931-934, issn 0017-9078ARTICLE.

Children of homosexuals more apt to be homosexuals ? a reply to Morrison and to Cameron based on an examination of multiple sources of data.SCHUMM (Walter-R). JOURNAL OF BIOSOCIAL SCIENCE. 2010; 721-742, issn 0021-9320ARTICLE.

Illumination of x-rays : the usual lights exposed. BLACKSHAW (G.R.J.C.) ; GOSTLING (J.A.) ; APPLETON (B.N.) et al. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2003; 99-100, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Extended sources - concepts and potential hazards : Laser safety.SUTTER (E.). OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY. 1995; 5-13, issn 0030-3992ARTICLE.

Why "improved" water sources are not always safe.SHAHEED (Ameer) ; ORGILL (Jennifer) ; MONTGOMERY (Maggie-A) et al. BULLETIN OF THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. 2014; 283-289, issn 0042-9686ARTICLE.

La dénatalité devrait se poursuivre au sein de l'Union Européenne.LECAILLON (Jean-Didier). POPULATION ET AVENIR. 1999; 14-15, graph., issn 0223-5706ARTICLE.

Une perspective historique. DESROSIERES (A.). INFORMATIONS SOCIALES. 1997; 18-27, issn 0046-9459ARTICLE.

Data Sources for an Environmental Quality Index : Availability, Quality, and Utility.LOBDELL (Danelle-T) ; JAGAI (Jyotsna-S) ; RAPPAZZO (Kristen) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2011; S277-S285, issn 0090-0036ARTICLE.

Sources in science : who can we trust ?WILKIE (T.). THE LANCET. 1996; 1308-1311, issn 0140-6736ARTICLE.

Non-occupational exposures to pesticides for residents of two U.S. cities.(F.W.) ; CAMANN (D.E.) ; BOND (A.E.) et al. 1994; 47-59, issn 0090-4341ARTICLE.

Health hazards of video display terminals: a representative, annotated bibliography.SABOL (L.) ; MARTIN ROSEN (C.) ; KOLTAY (Z.). SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY LIBRARIES. 1991; 85-129, issn 0194-262XARTICLE.

Populations : recensement et échantillonnage.SCHWOEBEL (V.) ; LAPIERRE (K.) ; AULAGNIER (M.) et al. Démarches épidémiologiques après une catastrophe. Anticiper les catastrophes : enjeux de santé publique, connaissances, outils et méthodes.. 2005; 151-170, isbn 2-11-005748-3CHAPITRE.

La démographie.CHESNAIS (Jean-Claude). 2002; 125p., isbn 2-13052348XOUVRAGE.

Metabolomics in Epidemiology : Sources of Variability in Metabolite Measurements and Implications.SAMPSON (Joshua-N) ; BOCA (Simina-M) ; XIAO OU SHU et al. CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY, BIOMARKERS AND PREVENTION. 2013; 631-640, issn 1055-9965ARTICLE.

A risk based methodology for assessing the efficacy and priorities for the control of various radiation sources. DORNSIFE (W.P.) ; BHATTACHARYYA (A.) ; Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Bureau of Radiation Protection. Harrisburg PA. USA. HEALTH PHYSICS. 1998; 190-215, issn 0017-9078ARTICLE.

World-wide Web resources for health educators and their students. HANSEN (M.A.). HEALTH CARE ON THE INTERNET. 1998; 15-28, issn 1089-4187ARTICLE.

Sources of data for food aid analysis.JOST (S.). DISASTERS. 1990; 335-342, issn 0361-3666ARTICLE.

Environmental antimicrobial contamination from terraccumulation and diffuse pollution pathways.ROOKLIDGE (Stephen-J). SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. 2004; 1-13, issn 0048-9697ARTICLE.

Pleasing the Masses : Messages for Daily Life Management in African American Women's Popular Media Sources.BLACK (Angela-Rose) ; PEACOCK (Nadine). AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2011; 144-150, issn 0090-0036ARTICLE.

Source Selection in Prescription Drug Information Seeking and Influencing Factors : Applying the Comprehensive Model of Information Seeking in an American Context.DELORME (Denise-E) ; HUH (Jisu) ; REID (Leonard-N). JOURNAL OF HEALTH COMMUNICATION. 2011; 766-787, issn 1081-0730ARTICLE.

Prenatal Smoking Prevalence Ascertained from Two Population-Based Data Sources : Birth Certificates and PRAMS Questionnaires, 2004.ALLEN (Alicia-M) ; DIETZ (Patricia-M) ; TONG (Van-T) et al. PUBLIC HEALTH REPORTS. 2008; 586-592, issn 0033-3549ARTICLE.

Bacteriological analysis of water samples from tube wells in Calcutta.CHATTOPADHYA (D.) ; BASU (S.). INDIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 1989; 34-, issn 0019-557XARTICLE.

Urinary mercury in people living near point sources of mercury emissions.BARREGARD (Lars) ; HORVAT (Milena) ; MAZZOLAI (Barbara) et al. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. 2006; 326-334, issn 0048-9697ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

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