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Launching Native Health Leaders : Reducing Mistrust of Research Through Student Peer Mentorship.JAMES (Rosalina-D); MCGLONE (Kathleen); MADRID (Teresa-M) et al.AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2013; 2215-2219, issn 0090-0036ARTICLE.

Passer de la recherche au développement : quels supports d'accompagnement et de financement ? = Going from research to development : Which support and financing tools ?ROQUES (Stéphane).LA PRESSE MEDICALE. 2012; S43-S45, issn 0755-4982ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Custodianship as an Ethical Framework for Biospecimen-Based Research : Biomarkers and biospecimens.YASSIN (Rihab); LOCKHART (Nicole); GONZALEZ DEL RIEGO (Mariana) et al.CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY, BIOMARKERS AND PREVENTION. 2010; 1012-1015, issn 1055-9965ARTICLE.

NIH funding of sleep research : A prospective and retrospective view. GILLETTE (M.U.); ROTH (T.); KILEY (J.P.) et al.SLEEP. 1999; 956-958, issn 0161-8105ARTICLE.

Public debates on ethics.MCGOURTY (C.).NATURE. 1989; 603- (1 p.), issn 0028-0836ARTICLE.

Allocating limited resources. DRAZEN (Jeffrey-M).THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE. 2002; 368-, issn 0028-4793ARTICLE.

Are research ethics committees behaving unethically ? Some suggestions for improving performance and accountability. SAVULESCU (J.); CHALMERS (I.); BLUNT (J.) et al.BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL (INTERNATIONAL EDITION). 1996; 1390-1393, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

Generatio- and topocentricity - widespread contemporary attitudes to clinical research.RIIS (P.).JOURNAL OF INTERNAL MEDICINE. 1992; 1-, issn 0954-6820ARTICLE.

Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story : an illustration of citation bias in epidemiologic research.KIVIMAKI (Mika); BATTY (Gdavid); KAWACHI (Ichiro) et al.AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2014; 446-448, issn 0002-9262ARTICLE.

Promoting public health : Benefits and challenges of a europeanwide research consortium on student health.EL ANSARI (Walid); MAXWELL (Annette-E); MIKOLAJCZYK (Rafael-T) et al.CENTRAL EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2007; 58-65, issn 1210-7778ARTICLE.

The integral role of clinical research in clinical care. GRUNBERG (Steven-M); CEFALU (William-T).THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE. 2003; 1386-1388, issn 0028-4793ARTICLE.

Research enterprise in urology : A message to the urology leadership.CHUNG LEE (.).THE JOURNAL OF UROLOGY. 2003; 189-191, issn 0022-5347ARTICLE.

Têtes chercheuses. L'instant où. Spécial prix Inserm 2017.DUPUY MAURY (F.).SCIENCE ET SANTE. 2018; 20-23, phot., issn 2267-0572ARTICLE.

Bronchiolite. Au coeur des usines virales.DIOUX (O.).SCIENCE ET SANTE. 2017; 10-, phot., issn 2119-9051ARTICLE.

A prenotification letter increased initial response, whereas sender did not affect response rates.KOOPMAN (Laura); DONSELAAR (Lea-G); RADEMAKERS (Jany-J) et al.JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2013; 340-348, issn 0895-4356ARTICLE.

High-throughput epidemiology : Combining existing data from the Nordic countries in health-related collaborative research.OLSEN (Jorn); BRONNUM-HANSEN (Henrik); GISSLER (Mika) et al.SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2010; 777-779, issn 1403-4948ARTICLE.

L'encadrement méconnu de la recherche biomédicale en France.GINON (A.S.); DE ROCHEGONDE (T.).ESPRIT. 2005; 130-144, issn 0014-0759ARTICLE.

Tutorials in clinical research, Part VIII : Creating a Journal club. FORSEN (James-Wjr); HARTMAN (James-M); NEELY (Jgail) et al.THE LARYNGOSCOPE. 2003; 475-483, issn 0023-852XARTICLE.

Translation of academic discovery into societal benefit : Proposal for a balanced approach-Part 2.STAMLER (Jonathan-S); TABER (Robert-L); CALIFF (Robert-M) et al.AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE. 2003; 683-688, issn 0002-9343ARTICLE.

Highlights of the society of urologic oncology meeting june 2,2001. STEINBERG (Gary-D); RINKER-SCHAEFFER (Carrie-W); SOKOLOFF (Mitchell-H) et al.THE JOURNAL OF UROLOGY. 2002; 653-659, issn 0022-5347ARTICLE.

General practice research : in the big league at last ?CHEW (Mabel); ARMSTRONG (Ruth).THE MEDICAL JOURNAL OF AUSTRALIA. 2002; 60-61, issn 0025-729XARTICLE.

Maladies orphelines : les malades partenaires de la recherche. = Orphan disease. RAIKOVIC (Monique).CONCOURS MEDICAL : (PARIS). 2002; 1852-1853, issn 0010-5309ARTICLE.

Infectious diseases into the next millennium. VAN DISSEL (J.T.).NETHERLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE. 1999; 293-296, issn 0300-2977ARTICLE.

L'implication des malades dans les activités de recherche soutenues par l'Association française contre les myopathies. RABEHARISOA (V.); CALLON (M.).SCIENCES SOCIALES ET SANTE. 1998; 41-65, issn 0294-0337ARTICLE.

Un'indagine su etica e ricerca epidemiologica. = A survey on ethics and epidemiological research. ROSMINI (F.); COMBA (Pietro); BOTTI (Caterina) et al.ANNALI DELL' ISTITUTO SUPERIORE DI SANITA. 1998; 255-259, issn 0021-2571ARTICLE.

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