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Evaluation of the quality of prognosis studies in systematic reviews.HAYDEN (Jill-A) ; COTE (Pierre) ; BOMBARDIER (Claire) et al. ANNALS OF INTERNAL MEDICINE. 2006; 427-437, issn 0003-4819ARTICLE.

Budget-Impact Analyses : A Critical Review of Published Studies.ORLEWSKA (Ewa) ; GULACSI (Laszlo). PHARMACOECONOMICS. 2009; 807-827, issn 1170-7690ARTICLE.

What do serious case reviews achieve ?SIDEBOTHAM (Peter). ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2012; 189-192, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Carcinogenic and systemic health effects associated with arsenic exposure : A critical review.TCHOUNWOU (Paul-B) ; PATLOLLA (Anita-K) ; CENTENO (Jose-A) et al. TOXICOLOGIC PATHOLOGY. 2003; 575-588, issn 0192-6233ARTICLE.

Moving beyond floccinaucinihilipilification : enhancing the utility of systematic reviews.MCGOWAN (Jessie). JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2005; 1089-, issn 0895-4356ARTICLE.

Understanding systematic reviews and meta-analysis.AKOBENG (A.K.). ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2005; 845-848, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Cohort studies.SAMET (Jonathan-M)(éd.) ; MUNOZ (Alvaro)(éd.) ; Department of Epidemiology. School of Hygiene and Public Health. The Johns Hoplins University. Baltimore. MD. USA. EPIDEMIOLOGIC REVIEWS. 1998; 138p., issn 0193-936XFASCICULE.

Choice of data extraction tools for systematic reviews depends on resources and review complexity.ELAMIN (Mohamed-B) ; FLYNN (David-N) ; BASSLER (Dirk) et al. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2009; 506-510, issn 0895-4356ARTICLE.

Gesundheitsökonomische Auswirkungen der DRG-Einführung in Deutschland - eine systematische Ubersicht. = Health Economic Effects after DRG-Implementation - A systematic Overview.REINHOLD (T.) ; THIERFELDER (K.) ; MULLER-RIEMENSCHNEIDER (F.) et al. DAS GESUNDHEITSWESEN. 2009; 306-312, issn 0941-3790ARTICLE.

An analysis of systematic reviews indicated low incorporation of results from clinical trial quality assessment.DE CRAEN (Anton-Jm) ; VAN VLIET (Huib-Aam) ; HELMERHORST (Frans-M) et al. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2005; 311-313, issn 0895-4356ARTICLE.

Common Drug Review Recommendations : An Evidence Base for Expectations ?ROCCHI (Angela) ; MILLER (Elizabeth) ; HOPKINS (Robert-B) et al. PHARMACOECONOMICS. 2012; 229-246, issn 1170-7690ARTICLE.

Overviews of reviews often have limited rigor : a systematic review.PIEPER (Dawid) ; BUECHTER (Roland) ; JERINIC (Petra) et al. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2012; 1267-1273, issn 0895-4356ARTICLE.

Criteria and methods used for the assessment of fitness for work : a systematic review.SERRA (Consol) ; CRUZ RODRIGUEZ (Mari) ; DELCLOS (George-L) et al. OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE. 2007; 304-312, issn 1351-0711ARTICLE.

Incidence, origin and significance of staphylococci on processed poultry.MEAD (G.C.) ; DODD (C.E.R.). THE JOURNAL OF APPLIED BACTERIOLOGY. 1990; S81-S91, issn 0021-8847ARTICLE.

Real world reviews : a beginner's guide to undertaking systematic reviews of public health policy interventions.BAMBRA (C.). JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY AND COMMUNITY HEALTH. 2011; 14-19, issn 0143-005XARTICLE.

Systematic reviewers commonly contact study authors but do so with limited rigor.MULLAN (Rebecca-J) ; FLYNN (David-N) ; CARLBERG (B.O.) et al. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2009; 138-142, issn 0895-4356ARTICLE.

Child maltreatment prevention : a systematic review of reviews.MIKTON (Christopher) ; BUTCHARTA (Alexander) ; Department of Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability. World Health Organization. Geneva. CHE. BULLETIN OF THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. 2009; 353-361, issn 0042-9686ARTICLE.

Chapter 12 : Systematic Review of Prognostic Tests.RECTOR (Thomas-S) ; TAYLOR (Brent-C) ; WILT (Timothy-J) et al. JOURNAL OF GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE. 2012; S94-S101, issn 0884-8734ARTICLE.

Assessing the Quality of Pharmacoeconomic Studies in India : A Systematic Review.DESAI (Pooja-R) ; CHANDWANI (Hitesh-S) ; RASCATI (Karen-L) et al. PHARMACOECONOMICS. 2012; 749-762, issn 1170-7690ARTICLE.

Prostaglandin analogues for the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension : A systematic review of economic evidence.ORME (Michelle) ; BOLER (Annabel) ; Heron Evidence Development Ltd. Letchworth Garden City. GBR. PHARMACOECONOMICS. 2006; 743-750, issn 1170-7690ARTICLE.

A review of the status of the doctor of public health degree and identification of future issues.LEE (Joel-M) ; FURNER (Sylvia-E) ; YAGER (James) et al. PUBLIC HEALTH REPORTS. 2009; 177-183, issn 0033-3549ARTICLE.

Short-stay units and observation medicine : a systematic review.DALY (Sue) ; CAMPBELL (Donald-A) ; CAMERON (Peter-A). THE MEDICAL JOURNAL OF AUSTRALIA. 2003; 559-563, issn 0025-729XARTICLE.

Interventions Encouraging the Use of Systematic Reviews in Clinical Decision-Making : A Systematic Review.PERRIER (Laure) ; MRKLAS (Kelly) ; SHEPPERD (Sasha) et al. JOURNAL OF GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE. 2011; 419-426, issn 0884-8734ARTICLE.

Single data extraction generated more errors than double data extraction in systematic reviews.BUSCEMI (Nina) ; HARTLING (Lisa) ; VANDERMEER (Ben) et al. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2006; 697-703, issn 0895-4356ARTICLE.

Acknowledging Patient Heterogeneity in Economic Evaluation : A Systematic Literature Review.GRUTTERS (Janneke-Pc) ; SCULPHER (Mark) ; BRIGGS (Andrew-H) et al. PHARMACOECONOMICS. 2013; 111-123, issn 1170-7690ARTICLE.

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