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Consultation génétique des phéochromocytomes et paragangliomes : Pathologie des surrénales. = Genetic diagnosis of phaeochromocytomas and paragangliomas.CARDOT-BAUTERS (Catherine) ; AINAOUI (Malika) ; COPPIN (Lucie) et al. LA PRESSE MEDICALE. 2014; 460-467, issn 0755-4982ARTICLE.

Unilateral alopecia in association with Horner's syndrome.KING (David-Anthony) ; YEOMANSON (Daniel) ; Paediatric Oncology. Sheffield Children's Hospital. Sheffield. GBR. ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2012; 966-, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Paragangliome avec syndrome inflammatoire biologique isolé : utilité de la tomographie par émission de positons. = Paraganglioma as a cause of inflammation of unknown origin : usefulness of positon emission tomography.ZENONE (Thierry) ; MORELEC (Isabelle) ; ZENOU (Eric). LA PRESSE MEDICALE. 2011; 651-653, issn 0755-4982ARTICLE.

Painful Diabetic Neuropathy Is Associated With Greater Autonomic Dysfunction Than Painless Diabetic Neuropathy.GANDHI (Rajiv-A) ; MARQUES (Jefferson-Lb) ; SELVARAJAH (Dinesh) et al. DIABETES CARE. 2010; 1585-1590, issn 0149-5992ARTICLE.

Phénomène de Raynaud : Orientation diagnostique. = Raynaud's phenomenon.MARIE (Isabelle). LA REVUE DU PRATICIEN. 2007; 1707-1712, issn 0035-2640ARTICLE.

Comprehensive geriatric assessment decreases prevalence of orthostatic hypotension in older persons.LAMPELA (Pasi) ; LAVIKAINEN (Piia) ; HUUPPONEN (Risto) et al. SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2013; 351-358, issn 1403-4948ARTICLE.

Hypotension orthostatique : marqueur de gravité et adaptation du traitement antihypertenseur : Hypotension orthostatique. = Orthostatic hypotension : Marker of severity and management of antihypertensive treatment.FENECH (Goel) ; SAFAR (Michel) ; BLACHER (Jacques) et al. LA PRESSE MEDICALE. 2012; 1116-1121, issn 0755-4982ARTICLE.

Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy in Diabetes : A clinical perspective.POP-BUSUI (Rodica). DIABETES CARE. 2010; 434-441, issn 0149-5992ARTICLE.

Q327 : phénomène de Raynaud Orientation diagnostique. = Raynaud's phenomenon.MARIE (Isabelle). LA REVUE DU PRATICIEN. 2012; 569-575, issn 0035-2640ARTICLE.

Hypotension orthostatique : quelles explorations cardiovasculaires et biologiques initiales ? Quelles solutions thérapeutiques ? L'apport des recommandations : Hypotension orthostatique. = Orthostatic hypotension : Which initial cardiovascular and biological explorations ? Which therapeutic solutions ? The place of recommendations.KOUAKAM (Claude) ; DELSART (Pascal) ; Chru de Lille. Hôpital cardiologique. Pôle de cardiologie et maladies vasculaires. Lille. FRA. LA PRESSE MEDICALE. 2012; 1098-1110, issn 0755-4982ARTICLE.

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy : complex regional pain syndrome type I in children with mitochondrial disease and maternal inheritance.HIGASHIMOTO (T.) ; BALDWIN (E.E.) ; COLD (J.I.) et al. ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2008; 390-397, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Midodrine for Orthostatic Hypotension : A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Clinical Trials.PARSAIK (Ajay-K) ; SINGH (Balwinder) ; ALTAYAR (Osama) et al. JOURNAL OF GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE. 2013; 1496-1503, issn 0884-8734ARTICLE.

Frequency weightings of hand-transmitted vibration for predicting vibration-induced white finger.BOVENZI (Massimo) ; PINTO (Lole) ; PICCIOLO (Francesco) et al. SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF WORK, ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH. 2011; 244-252, issn 0355-3140ARTICLE.

Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy Affects Symptom Generation and Brain-Gut Axis.BROCK (Christina) ; SOFTELAND (Eirik) ; GUNTERBERG (Veronica) et al. DIABETES CARE. 2013; 3698-3705, issn 0149-5992ARTICLE.

Impact of Autonomic Neuropathy on Left Ventricular Function in Normotensive Type 1 Diabetic Patients : A tissue Doppler echocardiographic study.KARAMITSOS (Theodoros-D) ; KARVOUNIS (Haralambos-I) ; DIDANGELOS (Triantafyllos) et al. DIABETES CARE. 2008; 325-327, issn 0149-5992ARTICLE.

Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy, HDL Cholesterol, and Smoking Correlate With Arterial Stiffness Markers Determined 18 Years Later in Type 1 Diabetes.PRINCE (Catherine-T) ; SECREST (Aaron-M) ; MACKEY (Rachel-H) et al. DIABETES CARE. 2010; 652-657, issn 0149-5992ARTICLE.

A prospective cohort study of exposure-response relationship for vibration-induced white finger.BOVENZI (M.). OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE. 2010; 38-46, issn 1351-0711ARTICLE.

A longitudinal study of vibration white finger, cold response of digital arteries, and measures of daily vibration exposure.BOVENZI (Massimo). INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES OF OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. 2010; 259-272, issn 0340-0131ARTICLE.

Association between vasoconstriction during and following exposure to hand-transmitted vibration.YING YE ; MAURO (Marcella) ; BOVENZI (Massimo) et al. INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES OF OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. 2014; 41-49, issn 0340-0131ARTICLE.

Early postural blood pressure response and cause-specific mortality among middle-aged adults.FEDOROWSKI (Artur) ; HEDBLAD (B.O.) ; MELANDER (Olle) et al. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2011; 537-546, issn 0393-2990ARTICLE.

The validity of Raynaud's phenomenon symptoms in HAVS cases.YOUAKIM (Sami). OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE. 2008; 431-435, issn 0962-7480ARTICLE.

Measurement, evaluation, and assessment of peripheral neurological disorders caused by hand-transmitted vibration.GRIFFIN (Michael-J) ; BOVENZI (M.)(éd.) ; GRIFFIN (M.J.)(éd.) et al. INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES OF OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. 2008; 559-573, issn 0340-0131ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

A longitudinal study of finger systolic blood pressure and exposure to hand-transmitted vibration.BOVENZI (Massimo) ; D'AGOSTIN (Flavia) ; RUI (Francesca) et al. INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES OF OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. 2008; 613-623, issn 0340-0131ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Effects of temperature on reductions in finger blood flow induced by vibration.YING YE ; GRIFFIN (Michael-J) ; Human Factors Research Unit. Institute of Sound and Vibration Research. University of Southampton. Southampton. GBR. INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES OF OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. 2011; 315-323, issn 0340-0131ARTICLE.

Acute effects of mechanical shocks on finger blood flow : influence of shock repetition rate and shock magnitude.YING YE ; MAURO (Marcella) ; BOVENZI (Massimo) et al. INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES OF OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. 2012; 605-614, issn 0340-0131ARTICLE.

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