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Survenue d'un accident ischémique cérébral chez un patient en fibrillation atriale sous anticoagulant oral : que faire de plus ? Journées européennes de la Société Française de Cardiologie. = Stroke in atrial fibrillation patients already on oral anticoagulant : What more can be done ?TOUZE (Emmanuel) ; CIOCANU (Doina) ; Université Caen Basse Normandie. Chu Côte-de-Nacre. Service de neurologie et unité neurovasculaire. Caen. FRA. LA PRESSE MEDICALE. 2014; 784-788, issn 0755-4982ARTICLE.

Multiple cerebral aneurysms after myxomatous stroke.TAKENOUCHI (Toshiki) ; SASAKI (Ayumi) ; TAKAHASHI (Takao) et al. ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2014; 849-, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Apolipoprotein E genotype, cardiovascular biomarkers and risk of stroke : Systematic review and meta-analysis of 14015 stroke cases and pooled analysis of primary biomarker data from up to 60883 individuals.KHAN (Tauseef-A) ; SHAH (Tina) ; PRIETO (David) et al. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2013; 475-492, issn 0300-5771ARTICLE.

Cardiovascular disease risk in women with pre-eclampsia : systematic review and meta-analysis.CAROLINE BROWN (Morven) ; ELIZABETH BEST (Kate) ; STEPHEN PEARCE (Mark) et al. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2013; 1-19, issn 0393-2990ARTICLE.

Accident vasculaire cérébral et ischémie digitale révélant une cryofibrinogénémie essentielle. = Cryofibrinogenemia revealed by digital ischemia with stroke.VIOT (Camille) ; BOULDOUYRE (Marie-Anne) ; CHAUVINEAU (Angélique) et al. LA PRESSE MEDICALE. 2013; 913-915, issn 0755-4982ARTICLE.

Type 2 Diabetes and Risk of Rupture of Saccular Intracranial Aneurysm in Eastern Finland.LINDGREN (Antti-E) ; KURKI (Mitja-I) ; RIIHINEN (Annamaija) et al. DIABETES CARE. 2013; 2020-2026, issn 0149-5992ARTICLE.

Epidemiological evidence on association between ambient air pollution and stroke mortality.YIFENG QIAN ; MEIYING ZHU ; BINXIN CAI et al. JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY AND COMMUNITY HEALTH. 2013; 635-640, issn 0143-005XARTICLE.

Fish Intake and Risks of Total and Cause-specific Mortality in 2 Population-based Cohort Studies of 134,296 Men and Women.TAKATA (Yumie) ; XIANGLAN ZHANG ; HONGLAN LI et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2013; 46-57, issn 0002-9262ARTICLE.

Mediterranean Diet Reduces the Adverse Effect of the TCF7L2-rs7903146 Polymorphism on Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Stroke Incidence : A randomized controlled trial in a high-cardiovascular-risk population.CORELLA (Dolores) ; CARRASCO (Paula) ; SORLI (Jose-V) et al. DIABETES CARE. 2013; 3803-3811, issn 0149-5992ARTICLE.

Cost Effectiveness of Treatments for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation : Focus on the Novel Oral Anticoagulants.KASMERIDIS (Charalampos) ; APOSTOLAKIS (Stavros) ; EHLERS (Lars) et al. PHARMACOECONOMICS. 2013; 971-980, issn 1170-7690ARTICLE.

Accidents vasculaires cérébraux de l'enfant : une urgence médicale qui doit bénéficier des filières neurovasculaires régionales mises en place par le Plan National AVC : Maladies neurovasculaires. = Stroke in children : A medical emergency.HERVIEU-BEGUE (Marie) ; JACQUIN (Agnès) ; KAZEMI (Apolline) et al. LA PRESSE MEDICALE. 2012; 518-524, issn 0755-4982ARTICLE.

Diet Soft Drink Consumption is Associated with an Increased Risk of Vascular Events in the Northern Manhattan Study.GARDENER (Hannah) ; RUNDEK (Tatjana) ; MARKERT (Matthew) et al. JOURNAL OF GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE. 2012; 1120-1126, issn 0884-8734ARTICLE.

Quantitative cranial ultrasound prediction of severity of disability in premature infants with post-haemorrhagic ventricular dilatation.JARY (Sally) ; KMITA (Grazyna) ; WROBLEWSKA (Jolanta) et al. ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2012; 955-959, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Severe iron deficiency anaemia and ischaemic stroke in children.MUNOT (P.) ; DE VILE (C.) ; HEMINGWAY (C.) et al. ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2011; 276-279, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Associations of Outdoor Air Pollution With Hemorrhagic Stroke Mortality.YORIFUJI (Takashi) ; KAWACHI (Ichiro) ; SAKAMOTO (Tetsuro) et al. JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE. 2011; 124-126, issn 1076-2752ARTICLE.

Age Trajectories of Stroke Case Fatality : Leveling Off at the Highest Ages.SKYHOJ OLSEN (Tom) ; JOVANOVIC ANDERSEN (Zorana) ; KAAE ANDERSEN (Klaus) et al. EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2011; 432-436, issn 1044-3983ARTICLE.

Hospital Admissions for Acute Myocardial Infarction, Angina, Stroke, and Asthma After Implementation of Arizona's Comprehensive Statewide Smoking Ban.HERMAN (Patricia-M) ; WALSH (Michele-E) ; Evaluation Research and Development Unit. Department of Psychology. University of Arizona. Tucson. USA. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2011; 491-496, issn 0090-0036ARTICLE.

Young-Onset Dementia A Review of the Literature and What It Means for Clinicians.COLLINS HUNT (Debra). JOURNAL OF PSYCHOSOCIAL NURSING AND MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES. 2011; 28-33, issn 0279-3695ARTICLE.

Cost Estimation of Cardiovascular Disease Events in the US.O'SULLIVAN (Amy-K) ; RUBIN (Jaime) ; NYAMBOSE (Joshua) et al. PHARMACOECONOMICS. 2011; 693-704, issn 1170-7690ARTICLE.

Coffee Consumption and Risk of Stroke : A Dose-Response Meta-Analysis of Prospective Studies.LARSSON (Susanna-C) ; ORSINI (Nicola) ; Unit of Biostatistics. National Institute of Environmental Medicine. Karolinska Institutet. Stockholm. SWE. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2011; 993-1001, issn 0002-9262ARTICLE.

A scale for distinguishing efficacy from effectiveness was adapted and applied to stroke rehabilitation studies.ZETTLER (Laura-L) ; SPEECHLEY (Mark-R) ; FOLEY (Norine-C) et al. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2010; 11-18, issn 0895-4356ARTICLE.

Early detection of patients at risk for anxiety, depression and apathy after stroke.SAGEN (Ulrike) ; FINSET (Arnstein) ; MOUM (Torbjorn) et al. GENERAL HOSPITAL PSYCHIATRY. 2010; 80-85, issn 0163-8343ARTICLE.

Changing stroke mortality trends in middle-aged people : an age-period-cohort analysis of routine mortality data in persons aged 40 to 69 in England.SUTTON (Chris-J) ; MARSDEN (Jenny) ; WATKINS (Caroline-L) et al. JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY AND COMMUNITY HEALTH. 2010; 523-529, issn 0143-005XARTICLE.

Comparison of Outcomes Following Thrombolytic Therapy Among Patients With Prior Stroke and Diabetes in the Virtual International Stroke Trials Archive (VISTA).NISHANT KUMAR MISHRA ; DAVIS (Stephen-M) ; KASTE (Markku) et al. DIABETES CARE. 2010; 2531-2537, issn 0149-5992ARTICLE.

Admission Hyperglycemia Predicts a Worse Outcome in Stroke Patients Treated With Intravenous Thrombolysis.POPPE (Alexandre-Y) ; HILL (Michael-D) ; MAJUMDAR (Sumit-R) et al. DIABETES CARE. 2009; 617-622, issn 0149-5992ARTICLE.

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