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Creating sanctuary in residential treatment for youth : From the "well-ordered asylum" to a "living-learning environment" : Sanctuary principles and practice in clinical settings. ABRAMOVITZ (Robert) ; BLOOM (Sandra-L). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2003; 119-135, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Implementing an office system to improve primary care management of depression : The management of depression in primary care. KORSEN (Neil) ; SCOTT (Peter) ; DIETRICH (Allen-J) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2003; 45-60, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Outcome assessment of the medicaid managed care program in Harris County (Houston). AVERILL (Patricia-M) ; RUIZ (Pedro) ; SMALL (David-R) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2003; 103-114, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

A comparison of schizophrenic patients with or without coexisting substance use disorder.FARRIS (Coreen) ; BREMS (Christiane) ; JOHNSON (Mark-E) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2003; 205-222, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Addictions and trauma recovery : An integrated approach : Public Mental Health Perspectives on Trauma. MILLER (Dusty). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2002; 157-170, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Clinical characteristics of older psychiatric inpatients with borderline personality disorder. TRAPPLER (Brian) ; BACKFIELD (Jill). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2001; 29-40, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Substance use and other psychiatric disorders in impaired practitioners. WIJESINGHE (Channa-P) ; DUNNE (Fionnuala). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2001; 181-189, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

The Assaulted Staff Action Program (ASAP) and declines in rates of assault : Mixed replicated findings. FLANNERY (Rbjr) ; ANDERSON (E.) ; MARKS (L.) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2000; 165-175, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Profile of a Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program in a New York City municipal hospital. SULLIVAN (A.M.) ; RIVERA (J.). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2000; 123-138, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Recent HIV testing among general hospital inpatients with schizophrenia : Findings from four New York City sites. WALKUP (J.) ; MCALPINE (D.D.) ; OLFSON (M.) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2000; 177-193, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Disaster psychiatry : Principles and practice : Psychiatric aspects of disaster. NORWOOD (A.E.) ; URSANO (R.J.) ; FULLERTON (C.S.) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2000; 207-226, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

The assaulted staff action program (ASAP) : Common issues in fielding a team. FLANNERY (Rbjr). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1998; 135-142, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Community Treatment Teams : An alternative to State Hospital. HADLEY (T.R.) ; TURK (R.) ; VASKO (S.) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1997; 77-90, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Hospital downsizing and its impact on community services.LEVIN (Bruce-Lubotsky)(éd.). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1997; 90p., issn 0033-2720FASCICULE.

Factors affecting relapse in patients discharged from a public hospital : Results from survival analysis. MOJTABAI (R.) ; NICHOLSON (R.A.) ; NEESMITH (D.H.). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1997; 117-129, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Violence and the lax milieu ? Preliminary data. FLANNERY (Rbjr) ; HANSON (M.A.) ; PENK (W.E.) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1996; 47-50, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Issues in estimating the cost of innovative mental health programs.ROSENHECK (R.) ; NEALE (M.) ; FRISMAN (L.) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1995; 9-31, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

The hidden effects of Montana's "abolition" of the insanity defense.CALLAHAN (L.A.) ; ROBBINS (P.C.) ; STEADMAN (H.J.) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1995; 103-117, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Lost in the shuffle : the influence of patient classification scheme on views about the relationship between refusal of medication and involvement in important hospital-based outcomes.PANZANO (P.C.) ; RUBIN (W.V.) ; CALLAHAN (Lisa-A)(éd.) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1995; 147-162, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Acute and chronic psychiatric care : establishing boundaries.SEDERER (L.I.) ; DICKEY (B.). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1995; 263-274, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

The impact of managed care on clinical practice.SEDERER (L.I.) ; MIRIN (S.M.) ; McLean hosp. Belmont MA. USA. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1994; 177-188, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

HIV prevention among psychiatric inpatients: a pilot risk reduction study.MEYER (I.) ; COURNOS (F.) ; EMPFIELD (M.) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1992; 187-197, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Toward a national mental halth policy.SURLES (R.C.). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1991; 267-275, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Multiple opportunities for creating sanctuary : Sanctuary principles and practice in clinical settings. BLOOM (Sandra-L) ; BENNINGTON-DAVIS (Maggie) ; FARRAGHER (Brian) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2003; 173-190, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Sanctuary in a domestic violence shelter : A team approach to healing : Sanctuary principles and practice in clinical settings. MADSEN (Libbe-H) ; BLITZ (Lisa-V) ; MCCORKLE (David) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2003; 155-171, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

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