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Lessons for health care rationing from the case of child B. PRICE (D.).BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL (INTERNATIONAL EDITION). 1996; 167-169, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

Cash benefits for short-term sickness, 1948-1976 = Prestations pour les maladies de courte durée, 1948-1976PRICE (D.).SOCIAL SECURITY BULLETIN. 1978; 3-14ARTICLE.

Effects of age on pain perception : thermonociception. = L'effet du vieillissement sur la perception de la douleur.MARKINS (S.); PRICE (D.); MARTELLI (M.) et al.THE JOURNALS OF GERONTOLOGY. 1986; 58-63, tabl., graph., issn 00221422ARTICLE.

Psychological predictors of attendance at annual breast screening examinations. BURTON (M.V.); WARREN (R.); PRICE (D.) et al.BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER. 1998; 2014-2019, issn 0007-0920ARTICLE.

Prescribing trends in asthma : a longitudinal observational study.TURNER (S.); THOMAS (M.); VON ZIEGENWEIDT (J.) et al.ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2009; 16-22, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Planning the "new" NHS : downsizing for the 21st century. POLLOCK (A.M.); DUNNIGAN (M.G.); GAFFNEY (D.) et al.BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL (INTERNATIONAL EDITION). 1999; 179-184, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

The treatment of anxiety disorders in a primary care HMO setting : Delivering primary care/behavioral health care in an integrated way in a national health maintenance organization : Staff model. PRICE (D.); BECK (A.); NIMMER (C.) et al.PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2000; 31-45, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

The politics of the private finance initiative and the new NHS. GAFFNEY (D.); POLLOCK (A.M.); PRICE (D.) et al.BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL (INTERNATIONAL EDITION). 1999; 249-253, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

Manipulation under anaesthetic of children's fractures : use of the image intensifier reduces radiation exposure to patients and theatre personnel. KEENAN (W.N.W.); WOODWARD (A.F.); PRICE (D.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC ORTHOPEDICS. 1996; 183-186, issn 0271-6798ARTICLE.

PFI in the NHS-is there an economic case ?GAFFNEY (D.); POLLOCK (A.M.); PRICE (D.) et al.BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL (INTERNATIONAL EDITION). 1999; 116-119, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

NHS capital expenditure and the private finance initiative-expansion or contraction ?GAFFNEY (D.); POLLOCK (A.M.); PRICE (D.) et al.BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL (INTERNATIONAL EDITION). 1999; 48-51, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

Professional attitudes to bioethical issues ration the supply of "marginal living donor" kidneys for transplantation.DONNELLY (P.K.); HENDERSON (R.); PRICE (D.) et al.TRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS. 1999; 1349-1351, issn 0041-1345ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Education for general practitioners proposing to administer anaesthesia in rural general practice.CRAIG (M.); NICHOLS (A.); PRICE (D.) et al.ANAESTHESIA AND INTENSIVE CARE. 1993; 432-441, issn 0310-057XARTICLE.

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