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History of the International Vitamin A Consultative Group 1975-2000.REDDY (Vinodini) ; SOMMER (Alfred)(éd.) ; DAVIDSON (Frances-R)(éd.) et al. THE JOURNAL OF NUTRITION. 2002; 2852S-2856S, issn 0022-3166ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

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Measuring performance : A strategy to improve programs.STOLTZFUS (Rebecca-J) ; PILLAI (Gita) ; MARTORELL (Reynaldo)(éd.) et al. THE JOURNAL OF NUTRITION. 2002; 845-848, issn 0022-3166ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Micronutriments et ostéoporose. = Micronutrients and osteoporosis. FARDELLONE (Patrice) ; AUDRAN (Maurice)(éd.). REVUE DU RHUMATISME. 2001; 752-755, issn 1169-8330ARTICLE.

Deliberations and evaluations of the approaches, endpoints and paradigms for magnesium dietary recommendations.SHILS (M.E.) ; RUDE (R.K.) ; NIELSEN (Forrest-H)(éd.) et al. THE JOURNAL OF NUTRITION. 1996; 2398S-2403S, issn 0022-3166ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

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Thé et cancer : Données épidémiologiques. = Tea and cancer. Epidemiological data. MALVY (D.) ; GALAN (Pilar) ; HERCBERG (S.) et al. CAHIERS DE NUTRITION ET DE DIETETIQUE. 2000; 1S60-1S65, issn 0007-9960ARTICLE.

ILSI N.A. workshop on substantiation of the impact of nutrient and nonnutrient antioxidants on health.COLETTA (Frances-A)(préf.) ; DREHER (Mark)(préf.) ; International Life Sciences Institute. North American subcommittee on physiologically functional foods for health promotion. INT(com.). CRITICAL REVIEWS IN FOOD SCIENCE AND NUTRITION. 1995; 182p., issn 1040-8398FASCICULE, CONGRES.

Newer aspects of micronutrients. Symposium.Nutrition Society. Irish Section. IRL(com.) ; Nutrition Society. Micronutrients Group. INC(com.). PROCEEDINGS OF THE NUTRITION SOCIETY. 1994; (80p.), issn 0029-6651FASCICULE, CONGRES.

Micronutrient deficiencies in Switzerland : causes and consequences.EICHHOLZER (Monika) ; WOLF (Walter)(éd.). JOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING. 2003; 171-179, issn 0260-8774ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Micronutrients : their role in a modern lifestyle.FULGONI (Victor-Liii)(éd.). NUTRITION REVIEWS. 1995; 46p., issn 0029-6643FASCICULE, CONGRES.

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DNA damage from micronutrient deficiencies is likely to be a major cause of cancer. AMES (Bruce-N) ; FENECH (M.)(éd.) ; FERGUSON (L.R.)(éd.). MUTATION RESEARCH. 2001; 7-20, issn 0027-5107ARTICLE.

Iron Deficiency Anemia : Reexamining the Nature and Magnitude of the Public Health Problem.BEARD (John)(éd.) ; STOLTZFUS (Rebecca)(éd.) ; World Health Organization. INC(com.) et al. THE JOURNAL OF NUTRITION. 2001; 143p., issn 0022-3166FASCICULE, CONGRES.

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A food composition database for epidemiological studies in Italy.SALVINI (S.) ; ALINK (Gerrit-M)(éd.) ; BUENO-DE-MESQUITA (Hbas)(éd.) et al. CANCER LETTERS. 1997; 299-300, issn 0304-3835ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Scientific and ethical foundations of nutritional and environmental medicine. II : Further glimpses of'the higher medicine.DAVIES (S.). JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE. 1995; 5-11, issn 0955-6664ARTICLE.

Improved adherence and anaemia cure rates with flexible administration of micronutrient Sprinkles : a new public health approach to anaemia control.IP (H.) ; HYDER (S.M.Z.) ; HASEEN (F.) et al. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION. 2009; 165-172, issn 0954-3007ARTICLE.

Can a short period of micronutrient supplementation in older institutionalized people improve response to influenza vaccine ? A Randomized, controlled trial.ALLSUP (Stephen-J) ; SHENKIN (Alan) ; GOSNEY (Margot-A) et al. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN GERIATRICS SOCIETY. 2004; 20-24, issn 0002-8614ARTICLE.

Prevalence of micronutrient deficiency based on results obtained from the national Pilot Program on Control of micronutrient malnutrition. CHAKRAVARTY (Indira) ; SINHA (R.K.) ; Department of Biochemistry & Nutrition Government of India All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health. Calcutta. IND. NUTRITION REVIEWS. 2002; S53-S58, issn 0029-6643ARTICLE.

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Effect of provision of micronutrient supplementation on growth and morbidity among young children in Pakistan.ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2013; 691-, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

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