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Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and spine. Is clinical efficacy established after the first decade ?KENT (D.L.); LARSON (E.B.).ANNALS OF INTERNAL MEDICINE. 1988; 402-424, issn 0003-4819ARTICLE.

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Limiti di esposizione a campi magnetici e normative nazionali per la sicurezza dei pazienti durante l'esame a risonanza magnetica. = Levels of exposure to magnetic fields and national standards for the safety of patients during magnetic resonance examinations.PODO (F.); BARTOLINI (P.); DI VITO (M.) et al.ANNALI DELL' ISTITUTO SUPERIORE DI SANITA. 1994; 71-81, issn 0021-2571ARTICLE.

Normativa nazionale : sicurezza dei lavoratori addetti ad apparecchiature a risonanza magnetica ad uso clinico. = Survey of national legislation on the safety of workers in NMR plants.DELIA (R.); PODO (F.); BARTOLINI (P.) et al.ANNALI DELL' ISTITUTO SUPERIORE DI SANITA. 1994; 83-87, issn 0021-2571ARTICLE.

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Occupational exposure of healthcare and research staff to static magnetic stray fields from 1.5-7 Tesla MRI scanners is associated with reporting of transient symptoms.SCHAAP (Kristel); CHRISTOPHER-DE VRIES (Yvette); MASON (Catherine-K) et al.OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE. 2014; 423-429, issn 1351-0711ARTICLE.

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Installazione di apparecchiature a risonanza magnetica : requisiti tecnici, criteri di idoneità edilizia e controlli di sicurezza. Aspetti relativi alla sicurezza dei pazienti e della popolazione. = Installation of NMR equipment : technical requirements, site planning and safety controls.BARTOLINI (P.); PODO (F.); DI VITO (M.) et al.ANNALI DELL' ISTITUTO SUPERIORE DI SANITA. 1994; 95-108, issn 0021-2571ARTICLE.

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Latelife depression and structural brain changes : a review of recent magnetic resonance imaging research. = Dépression des personnes âgées et modifications de la structure du cerveau : revue de littérature sur la recherche récente en résonance magnétique nucléaire.BALDWIN (R.C.).INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GERIATRIC PSYCHIATRY. 1993; 115-123, issn 0885-6230ARTICLE.

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Risk of cancer in Finnish children living close to power lines.VERKASALO (P.K.); PUKKALA (E.); HONGISTO (M.Y.) et al.BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1993; 895-899, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

C'è una relazione tra campi magnetici e tumori? = Is there a relationship between magnetic field and tumor?POOL (R.).NOTIZIARIO DELL'ENEA : ENERGIA E INNOVAZIONE. 1991; 63-67, issn 0393-716XARTICLE.

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