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Joint teleconsultations (virtual outreach) versus standard outpatient appointments for patients referred by their general practitioner for a specialist opinion : a randomised trial. WALLACE (P.); HAINES (A.); HARRISON (R.) et al.THE LANCET. 2002; 1961-1968, issn 0140-6736ARTICLE.

Comment les médecins de premier recours genevois réfèrent-ils leurs patients en 2001 ? = Referral rates and handling of Geneva's GP. SPAHNI (D.).MEDECINE ET HYGIENE. 2002; 768-772 (4p.), issn 0025-6749ARTICLE.

eons and patients: a survey.BEER (G.M.); KOMPATSCHER (P.).Austrian society of plastic surgery. Annual meeting.. 1993; 73-75, issn 0364-216XARTICLE, CONGRES.

Referral letters in oral medicine : standard versus non-standard letters. NAVARRO (C.M.); MIRANDA (I.A.N.); ONOFRE (M.A.) et al.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY. 2002; 537-543, issn 0901-5027ARTICLE.

Women as leaders in organized surgery and surigical education : has the time come ?JONASSON (O.).ARCHIVES OF SURGERY. 1993; 618-621, issn 0004-0010ARTICLE.

Female surgeons in the 1990s : academic role models.NEUMAYER (L.); KONISHI (G.); L'ARCHEVEQUE (D.) et al.ARCHIVES OF SURGERY. 1993; 669-672, issn 0004-0010ARTICLE.

Guidelines for surgical resident's working hours : intent vs reality.SCHWARTZ (R.J.); DUBROW (T.J.); ROSSO (R.F.) et al.ARCHIVES OF SURGERY. 1992; 778-783, issn 0004-0010ARTICLE, CONGRES.

Francis Daniels Moore. BRENNAN (Murray-F).SURGERY. 2003; 112-113, issn 0039-6060ARTICLE.

Performance on ABA-ASA In-training Examination predicts success for RCPSC certification. KEARNEY (Ramona-A); SULLIVAN (Patrick); SKAKUN (Ernest) et al.CANADIAN JOURNAL OF ANAESTHESIA. 2000; 914-918, issn 0832-610XARTICLE.

L'assurance du chirurgien en cas d'aggravation des risques : Traitement de l'appendicite aiguë et des péritonites appendiculaires par chirurgie coelioscopique. = Surgeon insurance in cases of aggravated risks.MARGEAT (M.).CHIRURGIE. 1994; 441-443, issn 0001-4001ARTICLE.

Professional burnout among head and neck surgeons: results of a survey.JOHNSON (J.T.); WAGNER (R.L.); RUEGER (R.M.) et al.HEAD AND NECK. 1993; 557-560, issn 1043-3074ARTICLE.

A neighbor's perspective on Josef E. Fischer. POLK (Hiram-Cjr).AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SURGERY. 2002; 489-490, issn 0002-9610ARTICLE.

Attrition in graduate surgical education : An analysis of the 1993 entering cohort of surgical residents. KWAKWA (F.); JONASSON (O.).JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONS. 1999; 602-610, issn 1072-7515ARTICLE.

Women in surgery : an ancient tradition.PASTENA (J.A.).ARCHIVES OF SURGERY. 1993; 622-626, issn 0004-0010ARTICLE.


Association Didier Seux : santé mentale et sida.Association Didier Seux Santé Mentale et Sida. Paris. FRAcom.1992; 6p.TRACT.

Hyperspécialisation chirurgicale. Discussion. = Overspecialization in surgery.VILLET (R.); MALVY (P.); VAYRE (P.) et al.CHIRURGIE. 1991; 208-213, issn 0001-4001ARTICLE.

Stephen Smith (1823-1922) : A forgotten surgical hero. RUTKOW (Ira-M).ARCHIVES OF SURGERY. 2002; 1448-, issn 0004-0010ARTICLE.

The anaesthetic logbook : a survey. NIXON (M.C.).ANAESTHESIA. 2000; 1076-1080, issn 0003-2409ARTICLE.

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Education in thoracic surgery : personal and societal CA.Joint conference on graduate education in thoracic surgery.. 1993; 1337-1339, issn 0003-4975ARTICLE, CONGRES.

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Des check-lists pour les chirurgiens. = Check-lists for surgeons.CHABOT (Jean-Michel).LA REVUE DU PRATICIEN. 2009; 533-534, issn 0035-2640ARTICLE.

Little-known aspect of Theodor Billroth's work : His contribution to musical theory. MCLAREN (N.); VARA THORBECK (R.).WORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY. 1997; 569-571, issn 0364-2313ARTICLE.

Harvey Cushing : the first guest at "the Divine Banquet of the Brayne".MODLIN (I.M.); SHIN (J.H.).SURGERY. 1993; 438-455, issn 0039-6060ARTICLE.

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