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Services to families of adults with schizophrenia : From treatment recommendations to dissemination. DIXON (L.) ; LYLES (A.) ; SCOTT (J.) et al. PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 1999; 233-238, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Medical-claims databases in the design of a health-outcomes comparison of quetiapine ('Seroquel'1) and usual-care antipsychotic medication. HONG (W.W.) ; RAK (I.W.) ; CIURYLA (V.T.) et al. SCHIZOPHRENIA RESEARCH. 1998; 51-58, issn 0920-9964ARTICLE.

Benchmarking treatment of schizophrenia : A comparison of service delivery by the national government and by state and local providers. ROSENHECK (R.A.) ; DESAI (R.) ; STEINWACHS (D.) et al. THE JOURNAL OF NERVOUS AND MENTAL DISEASE. 2000; 209-216, issn 0022-3018ARTICLE.

Assertive community treatment and Medication compliance in the homeless mentally ill. DIXON (L.) ; WEIDEN (P.) ; TORRES (M.) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY. 1997; 1302-1304, issn 0002-953XARTICLE.

One-year follow-up of secondary versus primary mental disorder in persons with comorbid substance use disorders.DIXON (L.) ; MCNARY (S.) ; LEHMAN (A.) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY. 1997; 1610-1612, issn 0002-953XARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

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