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Cigarette smoking and educational level among young israelis upon release from military service in 1988 : a public health challenge.KARK (J.D.) ; LAOR (A.). ISRAEL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES. 1992; 33-37, issn 0021-2180ARTICLE.

Size at birth, maternal nutritional status in pregnancy, and blood pressure at age 17 : population based analysis. LAOR (A.) ; STEVENSON (D.K.) ; SHEMER (J.) et al. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL (INTERNATIONAL EDITION). 1997; 449-453, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

Is low birth weight a risk factor for asthma during adolescence ?SEIDMAN (D.S.) ; LAOR (A.) ; GALE (R.) et al. ARCHIVES OF DESEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 1991; 584-587, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia and physical and cognitive performance at 17 years of age.SEIDMAN (D.S.) ; PAZ (I.) ; STEVENSON (D.K.) et al. PEDIATRICS. 1991; 828-833, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Birth weight, current body weight, and blood pressure in late adolescence.SEIDMAN (D.S.) ; LAOR (A.) ; GALE (R.) et al. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1991; 1235-1237, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

The effects of continuous operation in a chemical protective ensemble on the performance of medical tasks in trauma management.ARAD (M.) ; BERKENSTADT (H.) ; ZELINGHER (J.) et al. THE JOURNAL OF TRAUMA. 1993; 800-804, issn 0022-5282ARTICLE.

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