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Cost-benefit analysis of hepatitis b vaccination. = Analyse coût-bénéfice de la vaccination contre l'hépatite B.JONSSON (B.). POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1987; 27-32ARTICLE.

Ten arguments for a societal perspective in the economic evaluation of medical innovation. = Dix arguments pour une perspective sociétale dans l'évaluation économique de l'innovation médicale.JONSSON (B.). THE EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HEALTH ECONOMICS. 2009; 357-359ARTICLE.

Revealing the cost of Type II diabetes in Europe : The cost of diabetes Typ II in Europe : The CODE-2 study.JONSSON (B.). DIABETOLOGIA. 2002; S5-S12, issn 0012-186XARTICLE.

Cost-effectiveness : a new criterion for selecting therapy.JONSSON (B.). JOURNAL OF INTERNAL MEDICINE. 1995; 1-3, issn 0954-6820ARTICLE.

Relative effectiveness and the European pharmaceutical market. = Efficacité relative et marché pharmaceutique européen.JONSSON (B.). THE EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HEALTH ECONOMICS. 2011; 97-102ARTICLE.

Economic evaluation alongside multinational clinical trials : Study considerations for GUSTO IIb. JONSSON (B.) ; WEINSTEIN (M.C.). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT IN HEALTH CARE. 1997; 49-58, issn 0266-4623ARTICLE.

The effects of cimetidine on the cost of ulcer disease in Sweden.JONSSON (B.) ; CARLSSON (P.). SOCIAL SCIENCE AND MEDICINE. 1991; 275-282, issn 0277-9536ARTICLE.

Health care expenditure in the nordic countries.GERDTHAM (U.G.) ; JONSSON (B.). HEALTH POLICY. 1994; 207-220, issn 0168-8510ARTICLE.

Health care expenditure in Sweden : an international comparison.GERDTHAM (U.G.) ; JONSSON (B.). HEALTH POLICY. 1991; 211-228, tabl.ARTICLE.

Health Economics of depression. = Approche économique de la dépression.JONSSON (B.) ; ROSENBAUM (J.). 1993; 153p., tabl., fig., indexOUVRAGE.

Cost-effectiveness of clopidogrel in acute coronary syndromes in Sweden : a long-term model based on the cure trial.LINDGREN (P.) ; JONSSON (B.) ; YUSUF (S.). JOURNAL OF INTERNAL MEDICINE. 2004; 562-570, issn 0954-6820ARTICLE.

Cost of breast cancer in Sweden in 2002. = Coût du cancer du sein en Suède en 2002.LIDGREN (M.) ; WIKING (N.) ; JONSSON (B.). THE EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HEALTH ECONOMICS. 2007; 5-15, 5 tabl.ARTICLE.

The role of economic evaluation in the pricing and reimbursement of medicines. DRUMMOND (M.) ; JONSSON (B.) ; RUTTEN (F.). HEALTH POLICY. 1997; 199-215, graph., issn 0733-9143ARTICLE.

Estimated total costs of treating benign prostatic hyperplasia in Sweden.AHLSTRAND (C.) ; CARLSSON (P.) ; JONSSON (B.). SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF UROLOGY AND NEPHROLOGY. 1995; 57-63, issn 0036-5599ARTICLE.

The costs of asthma. BARNES (P.J.) ; JONSSON (B.) ; KLIM (J.B.). THE EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL. 1996; 636-642, issn 0903-1936ARTICLE.

Joint disorders and walking disability in Sweden by the year 2000 : epidemiologic studies of a Swedish community.LARSSON (S.-E.) ; JONSSON (B.) ; PALMEFORS (L.). ACTA ORTHOPAEDICA SCANDINAVICA. 1991; 6-9, issn 0300-8827ARTICLE.

The economic impact of diabetes.JONSSON (B.) ; Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. INC(com.). DIABETES CARE. 1998; C7-C10, issn 0149-5992ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Economic evaluation of medical technologies in Sweden. JONSSON (B.) ; SLOAN (Frank-A)(éd.) ; GRABOWSKI (Henry-G)(éd.). SOCIAL SCIENCE AND MEDICINE. 1997; 597-604, issn 0277-9536ARTICLE.

Health Economics of dementia. = Analyse économique de la démence.WIMO (A.) ; JONSSON (B.) ; KARLSSON (G.) et al. 1998; 576p., tabl., graph., isbn 0-471-98376-4OUVRAGE.

The costs of treating hypertension : an analysis of different cut-off points. = Les coûts du traitement de l'hypertension : une analyse des différents points de suppression.JOHANNESSON (M.) ; BORGQUIST (L.) ; JONSSON (B.) et al. HEALTH POLICY. 1991; 141-157, issn 0168-8510ARTICLE.

Outcome measurement in economic evaluations of growth factors.JONSSON (B.) ; KARLSSON (G.) ; RUTTEN (F.F.H.)(éd.) et al. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER. 1993; S19-S22ARTICLE.

Locomotion status and costs in destructive rheumatoid arthritis : a comprehensive study of 82 patients from a population of 13,000.JONSSON (B.) ; REHNBERG (C.) ; BORGQUIST (L.) et al. ACTA ORTHOPAEDICA SCANDINAVICA. 1992; 207-212, issn 0001-6470ARTICLE.

Cost-benefit analysis of non-pharmacological treatment of hypertension.JOHANNESSON (M.) ; ABERG (H.) ; AGREUS (L.) et al. JOURNAL OF INTERNAL MEDICINE. 1991; 307-312, issn 0954-6820ARTICLE.

Conversion factor instability in international comparisons of health care expenditure. = Instabilité du facteur de conversion dans la comparaison internationale des dépenses de santé.GERDTHAM (U.G.) ; JONSSON (B.) ; University of Linkoping. Linkoping. SWE. JOURNAL OF HEALTH ECONOMICS. 1991; 227-234, tabl.ARTICLE.

Reimbursement of pharmaceuticals : reference pricing versus health technology assessment. = Remboursement des médicaments : prix de référence versus évaluation des technologies médicales.DRUMMOND (M.) ; JONSSON (B.) ; RUTTEN (F.) et al. THE EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HEALTH ECONOMICS. 2011; 263-271, 4 tabl.ARTICLE.

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