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Patient anxiety while on a waiting list for coronary artery bypass surgery : A qualitative and quantitative analysis. FITZSIMONS (Donna) ; PARAHOO (K.) ; RICHARDSON (S.G.) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 2003; 23-31, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

The quality of Intensive Care nursing before, during, and after the introduction of nurses without ICU-training.BINNEKADE (J.M.) ; VROOM (M.B.) ; DE MOL (B.A.) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 2003; 190-196, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Effects of age and race on skin condition and bacterial counts on hands of neonatal ICU nurses.SULTANA (Bianca) ; CIMIOTTI (Jeannie) ; AIELLO (Allison-E) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 2003; 283-289, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

The importance of nurse caring behaviors as perceived by patients receiving care at an emergency department. BALDURSDOTTIR (Gyda) ; JONSDOTTIR (Helga). HEART AND LUNG. 2002; 67-75, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Deconstructing the myth of the advanced practice blended role : Support for role divergence. MICK (Diane-J) ; ACKERMAN (Michael-H) ; Center for Clinical Trials and Medical Device Evaluation. University of Rochester Medical Center. Rochester. NY. USA. HEART AND LUNG. 2002; 393-398, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

The challenge of culturally competent health care : Applications for asthma. GEORGE (Maureen). HEART AND LUNG. 2001; 392-400, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Dyspnea self-management in African Americans with chronic lung disease. NIELD (M.). HEART AND LUNG. 2000; 50-55, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome : Implications for nursing practice. BRENNER (Zara-R) ; MYER (Sheila-A) ; State University of New York at Brockport. USA. HEART AND LUNG. 2000; 331-339, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

A challenge for clinical nurses : A new nursing role. BALOGH (D.) ; BERRY (A.). HEART AND LUNG. 1998; 355-359, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Reducing resource consumption through work redesign in a surgical intensive care unit : A multidisciplinary, protocol-based progressive care area. MCALPINE (L.) ; COHEN (I.L.) ; TRUCKENBROD (A.) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 1997; 329-334, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

The information needs at time of hospital discharge of male and female patients who have undergone coronary artery bypass grafting : A pilot study. JICKLING (J.L.) ; GRAYDON (J.E.) ; Department of Cardiology. Toronto Hospital. Ontario. CAN et al. HEART AND LUNG. 1997; 350-357, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Answering critical care nursing questions by interfacing nursing research training, career development, and research with biologic and molecular science.SIGMON (H.D.). HEART AND LUNG. 1993; 285-288, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

A theoretic perspective on postcode stress experienced by critical care nurses.MULDOON MASTEY (J.) ; COLE (F.L.) ; Univ Massachusetts-Dartmouth. Coll nursing. Dartmouth MA. USA. HEART AND LUNG. 1992; 208-213, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Overview of work-related hazards in nursing : health and safety issues.ROGERS (B.) ; TRAVERS (P.) ; Univ North Carolina. Occupational health nursing program. Chapel Hill NC. USA. HEART AND LUNG. 1991; 486-497, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Burnout, job stress, anxiety, and perceived social support in neonatal nurses.OEHLER (J.M.) ; GAGE DAVIDSON (M.) ; STARR (L.E.) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 1991; 500-505, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Evolution of information on women and heart disease 1957-2000 : A review of archival records and secular literature. MILLER (Christine-L) ; KOLLAUF (Cynthia-R) ; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. School of Nursing. Milwaukee. WI. USA. HEART AND LUNG. 2002; 253-261, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Women's Initiative for Nonsmoking (WINS V) : Under-use of nicotine replacement therapy. MAHRER-IMHOF (Romy) ; FROELICHER (Erika-Sivarajan) ; LI (Wen-Wen) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 2002; 368-373, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Preventing treatment interference : The nurse's role in maintaining technologic devices. HAPP (M.B.). HEART AND LUNG. 2000; 60-69, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Recommendations of the National lung health Education Program. BOYLE (Anne-H) ; WATERS (Haidee-F) ; Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing. USA. HEART AND LUNG. 2000; 446-449, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Decision making of nurses practicing in intensive care in Canada, Finland, Northern Ireland, Switzerland, and the United States. LAURI (S.) ; SALANTERA (S.) ; CALLISTER (L.C.) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 1998; 133-142, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Reduction of noise levels in intensive care units for infants : evaluation of an intervention program.ELANDER (G.) ; HELLSTROM (G.) ; Univ Lund. Care res unit. Lund. SWE. HEART AND LUNG. 1995; 376-379, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Working in an intensive or non-intensive care unit: does it make any difference?BOUMANS (N.P.G.) ; LANDEWEERD (J.A.) ; Univ Limburg. Dep health sci. MD Maastricht. NLD. HEART AND LUNG. 1994; 71-79, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Effect of intensive care simulation on anxiety of nursing students in the clinical ICU.ERLER (C.J.) ; RUDMAN (S.D.) ; Purdue univ. School nursing. West Lafayette IN. USA. HEART AND LUNG. 1993; 259-265, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Crisis and ethical dilemmas : who will care for the rural nurse ?SIGSBY (L.M.). HEART AND LUNG. 1991; 523-525, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Intentions to use an automated external defibrillator during a cardiac emergency among a group of seniors trained in its operation. MEISCHKE (Hendrika-W) ; REA (Thomas-D) ; EISENBERG (Mickey-S) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 2002; 25-29, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

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