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Physician-induced demand for medical care = La demande de soins médicaux induite par le médecinGREEN (J.). THE JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCES. 1978; 21-34ARTICLE.

Promotion de la santé : qu'est ce que ces mots désignent ?GREEN (J.). PROMOTION AND EDUCATION. 2004; 31-32, issn 1025-3823ARTICLE.

Diabetes training needs of staff in residential and nursing homes for the elderly. GREEN (J.). JOURNAL OF HUMAN NUTRITION AND DIETETICS. 1999; 403-407, issn 0952-3871ARTICLE.

How accurate are hospital discharge data for evaluating effectiveness of care ? = Comment un hôpital peut-il délivrer le plus justement possible les données servant à évaluer l'efficacité des soins ?GREEN (J.) ; WINTFELD (N.). MEDICAL CARE. 1993; 719-731, tabl., issn 0025-7079ARTICLE.

Thinking about changing mobility practices : how a social practice approach can help.NETTLETON (S.) ; GREEN (J.). SOCIOLOGY OF HEALTH AND ILLNESS. 2014; 239-251, issn 1467-9566ARTICLE.

Qualitative research and evidence based medicine. GREEN (J.) ; BRITTEN (N.). BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL (INTERNATIONAL EDITION). 1998; 1230-1232, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

Critical perspectives in public health. = Perspectives critiques sur la santé publique.GREEN (J.)(éd.) ; LABONTE (R.)(éd.). 2007; 248p., indexOUVRAGE.

The importance of severity of illness in assessing hospital mortality.GREEN (J.) ; SHARKEY (P.) ; PASSMAN (L.J.). JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. 1990; 241-246ARTICLE.

Leadership crisis in psychiatric services : A change theory perspective. SKELTON-GREEN (J.) ; LEVIN (Bruce-Lubotsky)(éd.). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1997; 43-65, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Centres de traitement pour le sida : le concept est-il prématuré ?GREEN (J.) ; LEIGH (M.) ; PASSMAN (L.). JAMA. 1990; 111-112ARTICLE.

Survival analysis of hemophilia-associated aids cases in the US.STEHR-GREEN (J.) ; HOLMAN (R.) ; MAHONEY (M.). AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 1989; 832-835ARTICLE.

Potential effect of revising the CDC surveillance case definition for Aids.STEHR-GREEN (J.) ; JASON (J.) ; EVATT (B.). THE LANCET. 1988; 520-521ARTICLE.

Scald risk in social housing can be reduced through thermostatic control system without increasing Legionella risk : a cluster randomised trial.EDWARDS (P.) ; DURAND (M.A.) ; HOLLISTER (M.) et al. ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2011; 1097-1102, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Drink, illicit drugs and unsafe sex in women. TAYLOR (J.) ; FULOP (N.) ; GREEN (J.) et al. ADDICTION. 1999; 1209-1218, issn 0965-2140ARTICLE.

Managing intractable pain with an intrathecal catheter and injection port : Technique and guidelines. MEENAN (D.) ; LAGARES-GARCIA (J.A.) ; KUREK (S.) et al. THE AMERICAN SURGEON. 1999; 1054-1060, issn 0003-1348ARTICLE.

Cost effectiveness of treating primary care patients in accident and emergency : a comparison between general practitioners, senior house officers, and registrars. DALE (J.) ; LANG (H.) ; ROBERTS (J.A.) et al. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL (INTERNATIONAL EDITION). 1996; 1340-1344, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

Translation, adaptation, and validation of the SF-36 health survey for use in Japan. FUKUHARA (S.) ; BITO (S.) ; GREEN (J.) et al. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. 1998; 1037-1044, issn 0895-4356ARTICLE.

How do nurses working in hospital accident and emergency departments perceive local general practitioners? : a study in six English hospitals.DALE (J.) ; GREEN (J.) ; King's coll school medicine dentistry. Dep gen practice studies. London. GBR. ARCHIVES OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE. 1991; 210-216, issn 0264-4924ARTICLE.

Fusobacterium nucleatum prosthetic hip infection in an adult with sickle cell-beta thalassemia. = Infection sur prothèse de hanche à Fusobacterium nucleatum chez un adulte présentant une bêta-thalassemie.VERMA (K.) ; MCNABB (P.C.) ; KURTZ (W.) et al. INFECTION. 2012; 335-337, issn 0300-8126ARTICLE.

A nested reverse transcriptase PCR assay for detection of small round-structured viruses in environmentally contaminated molluscan shellfish.GREEN (J.) ; HENSHILWOOD (K.) ; GALLIMORE (C.I.) et al. APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY. 1998; 858-863, phot., tabl., issn 0099-2240ARTICLE.

Loisir et retraite : histoires de femmes. GIBSON (H.) ; ASHTON-SHAEFFER (C.) ; GREEN (J.) et al. LOISIR ET SOCIETE. 2002; 257-284, issn 0705-3436ARTICLE.

Hemophilia-associated aids in the United-States, 1981 to September 1987.SREHR-GREEN (J.) ; HOLMAN (R.) ; JASON (J.) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 1988; 439-442ARTICLE.

Smoking in pregnancy and disruptive behaviour in 3-year-old boys and girls : an analysis of the UK Millennium Cohort Study.HUTCHINSON (J.) ; PICKETT (K.E.) ; GREEN (J.) et al. JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY AND COMMUNITY HEALTH. 2010; 82-88, issn 0143-005XARTICLE.

Pathology reports provided reliable and readily accessible records of surgical procedures performed in women with breast cancer.GATHANI (T.) ; GREEN (J.) ; REEVES (G.) et al. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2008; 402-406, issn 0895-4356ARTICLE.

Serious injuries in children : variation by area deprivation and settlement type.EDWARDS (P.) ; GREEN (J.) ; LACHOWYCZ (K.) et al. ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2008; 485-489, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

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