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On Using Summary Statistics From an External Calibration Sample to Correct for Covariate Measurement Error.YING GUO ; LITTLE (Roderick-J) ; MCCONNELL (Daniel-S). EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2012; 165-174, issn 1044-3983ARTICLE.

Mismeasurement and the resonance of strong confounders : Uncorrelated errors. MARSHALL (J.R.) ; HASTRUP (J.L.). AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 1996; 1069-1078, issn 0002-9262ARTICLE.

Pitfalls in epidemiological analysis. CARLSSON (G.). SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL MEDICINE. 1997; 70-73, issn 0300-8037ARTICLE.

Differential misclassification arising from nondifferential errors in exposure measurement.FLEGAL (K.M.) ; KEYL (P.M.) ; NIETO (F.J.). AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 1991; 1233-1242, issn 0002-9262ARTICLE.

Quantification of Bias in Direct Effects Estimates Due to Different Types of Measurement Error in the Mediator.LE CESSIE (Saskia) ; DEBEIJ (Jan) ; ROSENDAAL (Frits-R) et al. EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2012; 551-560, issn 1044-3983ARTICLE.

Correlated Biomarker Measurement Error : An Important Threat to Inference in Environmental Epidemiology.POLLACK (A.Z.) ; PERKINS (N.J.) ; MUMFORD (S.L.) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2013; 84-92, issn 0002-9262ARTICLE.

Sibling Comparison Designs : Bias From Non-Shared Confounders and Measurement Error.FRISELL (Thomas) ; OBERG (Sara) ; KUJA-HALKOLA (Ralf) et al. EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2012; 713-720, issn 1044-3983ARTICLE.

A search for truth in dietary epidemiology.FRASER (Gary-E) ; SABATE (Joan)(éd.) ; RAJARAM (Sujatha)(éd.) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION. 2003; 521S-525S, issn 0002-9165ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

The performance of methods for correcting measurement error in case-control studies. STURMER (Til) ; THURIGEN (Dorothee) ; SPIEGELMAN (Donna) et al. EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2002; 507-516, issn 1044-3983ARTICLE.

The evaluation of the diet/disease relation in the EPIC study : considerations for the calibration and the disease models. Commentary.FERRARI (Pietro) ; DAY (Nicholas-E) ; BOSHUIZEN (Hendriek-C) et al. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2008; 368-381, issn 0300-5771ARTICLE.

The role of measurement error in estimating levels of physical activity.FERRARI (Pietro) ; FRIEDENREICH (Christine) ; MATTHEWS (Charles-E). AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2007; 832-840, issn 0002-9262ARTICLE.

Effects of exposure measurement error when an exposure variable is constrained by a lower limit. RICHARDSON (David-B) ; CIAMPI (Antonio). AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2003; 355-363, issn 0002-9262ARTICLE.

Modélisation ergonomique du dos et du cou : Influence de l'erreur expérimentale sur le modèle. = back and neck ergonomic modelling : effect of the experimentale error on the model.BESSON (D.) ; DIMNET (J.). Congrès sur la numérisation 3D, design et digitalisation, création industrielle et artistique.. 1998; (11p.)COMMUNICATION.

Measurement error: effects and remedies in nutritional epidemiology.CLAYTON (D.) ; Nutrition Society. London. GBR(com.). PROCEEDINGS OF THE NUTRITION SOCIETY. 1994; 37-42, issn 0029-6651ARTICLE, CONGRES.

Erreurs de mesure et régression linéaire. = Error-in-variables and linear regression.MARQUES-VIDAL (P.) ; RAKOTOVAO (R.) ; DUCIMETIERE (P.). REVUE D'EPIDEMIOLOGIE ET DE SANTE PUBLIQUE. 1994; 58-67, issn 0398-7620ARTICLE.

Analytic Results on the Bias Due to Nondifferential Misclassification of a Binary Mediator.OGBURN (Elizabeth-L) ; VANDERWEELE (Tyler-J). AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2012; 555-561, issn 0002-9262ARTICLE.

The gender gap in reporting household gun ownership. LUDWIG (J.) ; COOK (P.J.) ; SMITH (T.W.). AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 1998; 1715-1718, issn 0090-0036ARTICLE.

Detecting survival effects of socioeconomic status : problems in the use of aggregate measures.GREENWALD (H.P.) ; POLISSAR (N.L.) ; BORGATTA (E.F.) et al. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY. 1994; 903-909, issn 0895-4356ARTICLE.

Correlated measurement error : implications for nutritional epidemiology.DAY (N.E.) ; WONG (M.Y.) ; BINGHAM (S.) et al. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2004; 1373-1381, issn 0300-5771ARTICLE.

Effect of measurement error on energy-adjustment models in nutritional epidemiology. KIPNIS (V.) ; FREEDMAN (L.S.) ; BROWN (C.C.) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 1997; 842-855, issn 0002-9262ARTICLE.

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Regression Calibration When Foods (Measured With Error) Are the Variables of Interest : Markedly Non-Gaussian Data With Many Zeroes.FRASER (Gary-E) ; STRAM (Daniel-O). AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2012; 325-331, issn 0002-9262ARTICLE.

Measurement error correction for logistic regression models with an "alloyed gold standard". SPIEGELMAN (D.) ; SCHNEEWEISS (S.) ; MCDERMOTT (A.). AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 1997; 184-196, issn 0002-9262ARTICLE.

Measurement Error in Epidemiologic Studies of Air Pollution Based on Land-Use Regression Models.BASAGANA (Xavier) ; AGUILERA (Inmaculada) ; RIVERA (Marcela) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2013; 1342-1346, issn 0002-9262ARTICLE.

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