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Prevalence of acute mountain sickness in the Swiss Alps.MAGGIORINI (M.) ; BUHLER (B.) ; WALTER (M.) et al. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1990; 853-855, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

Neuroblastom-Früherkennung in Deutschland. = Early detection of neuroblastoma in Germany.SCHILLING (F.H.) ; ERTTMANN (R.) ; DOHRMANN (S.) et al. KLINISCHE PADIATRIE. 1992; 282-287, issn 0300-8630ARTICLE.

The mechanism of a human reaction to vibration stress by palmar sweating in relation to autonomic nerve tone. ANDO (H.) ; ISHITAKE (T.) ; MIYAZAKI (Y.) et al. INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES OF OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. 2000; 41-46, issn 0340-0131ARTICLE.

Consultation génétique des phéochromocytomes et paragangliomes : Pathologie des surrénales. = Genetic diagnosis of phaeochromocytomas and paragangliomas.CARDOT-BAUTERS (Catherine) ; AINAOUI (Malika) ; COPPIN (Lucie) et al. LA PRESSE MEDICALE. 2014; 460-467, issn 0755-4982ARTICLE.

Twins, triplets, and cerebral palsy in births in Western Australia in the 1980s.PETTERSON (B.) ; NELSON (K.B.) ; WATSON (L.) et al. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1993; 1239-1243, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

Unilateral alopecia in association with Horner's syndrome.KING (David-Anthony) ; YEOMANSON (Daniel) ; Paediatric Oncology. Sheffield Children's Hospital. Sheffield. GBR. ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2012; 966-, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Paragangliome avec syndrome inflammatoire biologique isolé : utilité de la tomographie par émission de positons. = Paraganglioma as a cause of inflammation of unknown origin : usefulness of positon emission tomography.ZENONE (Thierry) ; MORELEC (Isabelle) ; ZENOU (Eric). LA PRESSE MEDICALE. 2011; 651-653, issn 0755-4982ARTICLE.

Painful Diabetic Neuropathy Is Associated With Greater Autonomic Dysfunction Than Painless Diabetic Neuropathy.GANDHI (Rajiv-A) ; MARQUES (Jefferson-Lb) ; SELVARAJAH (Dinesh) et al. DIABETES CARE. 2010; 1585-1590, issn 0149-5992ARTICLE.

Phénomène de Raynaud : Orientation diagnostique. = Raynaud's phenomenon.MARIE (Isabelle). LA REVUE DU PRATICIEN. 2007; 1707-1712, issn 0035-2640ARTICLE.

Demographic, social and clinical correlates of Raynaud phenomenon.KEIL (J.E.) ; MARICQ (H.R.) ; WEINRICH (M.C.) et al. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 1991; 221-224, issn 0300-5771ARTICLE.

The role of leukocytes in the pathogenesis of vibration-induced white finger. GREENSTEIN (D.) ; KESTER (R.C.) ; Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. St James University Hospital. West Yorkshire. GBR. ANGIOLOGY. 1998; 915-922, issn 0003-3197ARTICLE.

Neuroblastomscreening-Projekt "Niedersachsen/Nordrhein-Westfalen" : zur notwendigkeit des epidemiologischen Vergleichs. = Neuroblastoma screening project "Niedersachsen/Nordrhein-Westfalen": the necessity of an epidemiological comparison.BERTHOLD (F.) ; SANDER (J.) ; BAILLOT (A.) et al. KLINISCHE PADIATRIE. 1992; 288-292, issn 0300-8630ARTICLE.

Pain rehabilitation. 1. Definitions and diagnosis of pain.TAUB (N.S.) ; WORSOWICZ (G.M.) ; GNATZ (S.M.) et al. 1998; S49-S53, issn 0003-9993ARTICLE.

Syncopes inexpliquées présumées d'origine vagale. Relations avec les troubles psychiatriques. = Unexplained vasovagal syncope. Relationship to psychiatry illness. BAUX (P.) ; DUBREU (V.) ; KOUACKAM (C.) et al. INFORMATION PSYCHIATRIQUE : (CADILLAC). 1997; 939-945, issn 0020-0204ARTICLE.

Assessment of autonomic neurotoxicity in occupational and environmental health as determined by ECG R-R interval variability : A review.MURATA (K.) ; ARAKI (S.) ; Department of Public Health. Faculty of Medicine. University of Tokyo. JPN. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE. 1996; 155-163, issn 0271-3586ARTICLE.

Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy in Diabetes : A clinical perspective.POP-BUSUI (Rodica). DIABETES CARE. 2010; 434-441, issn 0149-5992ARTICLE.

Pain rehabilitation. 2. Documentation of acute, subacute, and chronic pain.BROWN (S.E.) ; ATCHISON (J.W.) ; GNATZ (S.M.) et al. 1998; S54-S59, issn 0003-9993ARTICLE.

Q327 : phénomène de Raynaud Orientation diagnostique. = Raynaud's phenomenon.MARIE (Isabelle). LA REVUE DU PRATICIEN. 2012; 569-575, issn 0035-2640ARTICLE.

Hypotension orthostatique : quelles explorations cardiovasculaires et biologiques initiales ? Quelles solutions thérapeutiques ? L'apport des recommandations : Hypotension orthostatique. = Orthostatic hypotension : Which initial cardiovascular and biological explorations ? Which therapeutic solutions ? The place of recommendations.KOUAKAM (Claude) ; DELSART (Pascal) ; Chru de Lille. Hôpital cardiologique. Pôle de cardiologie et maladies vasculaires. Lille. FRA. LA PRESSE MEDICALE. 2012; 1098-1110, issn 0755-4982ARTICLE.

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy : complex regional pain syndrome type I in children with mitochondrial disease and maternal inheritance.HIGASHIMOTO (T.) ; BALDWIN (E.E.) ; COLD (J.I.) et al. ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2008; 390-397, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Functional adrenergic receptor polymorphisms and idiopathic orthostatic intolerance.WINKER (R.) ; BARTH (A.) ; VALIC (E.) et al. INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES OF OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. 2005; 171-177, issn 0340-0131ARTICLE.

Digital arterial responsiveness to cold in healthy men, vibration white finger and primary Raynaud's phenomenon.BOVENZI (M.). SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF WORK, ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH. 1993; 271-276, issn 0355-3140ARTICLE.

Comprehensive geriatric assessment decreases prevalence of orthostatic hypotension in older persons.LAMPELA (Pasi) ; LAVIKAINEN (Piia) ; HUUPPONEN (Risto) et al. SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2013; 351-358, issn 1403-4948ARTICLE.

Hypotension orthostatique : marqueur de gravité et adaptation du traitement antihypertenseur : Hypotension orthostatique. = Orthostatic hypotension : Marker of severity and management of antihypertensive treatment.FENECH (Goel) ; SAFAR (Michel) ; BLACHER (Jacques) et al. LA PRESSE MEDICALE. 2012; 1116-1121, issn 0755-4982ARTICLE.

Influence of orthostatic hypotension on mortality among patients discharged from an acute geriatric ward.WEISS (Avraham) ; BELOOSESKY (Yichayaou) ; KORNOWSKI (Ran) et al. JOURNAL OF GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE. 2006; 602-606, issn 0884-8734ARTICLE.

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