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Eighty years of the threat and use of chemical warfare : the medical-organizational challenge.SHEMER (J.) ; DANON (Y.L.). ISRAEL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES. 1991; 608-612, issn 0021-2180ARTICLE.

Is low birth weight a risk factor for asthma during adolescence ?SEIDMAN (D.S.) ; LAOR (A.) ; GALE (R.) et al. ARCHIVES OF DESEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 1991; 584-587, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Outline of hospital organization for a chemical warfare attack.SHAPIRA (Y.) ; BAR (Y.) ; BERKENSTADT (H.) et al. ISRAEL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES. 1991; 616-622, issn 0021-2180ARTICLE.

Community coordination and information centers during the persian gulf war.SACHS (Z.) ; DANON (Y.L.) ; DYCIAN (R.) et al. ISRAEL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES. 1991; 696-700, issn 0021-2180ARTICLE.

Birth weight, current body weight, and blood pressure in late adolescence.SEIDMAN (D.S.) ; LAOR (A.) ; GALE (R.) et al. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1991; 1235-1237, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia and physical and cognitive performance at 17 years of age.SEIDMAN (D.S.) ; PAZ (I.) ; STEVENSON (D.K.) et al. PEDIATRICS. 1991; 828-833, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Effect of valvular heart diseases, migraine headaches, and perianal diseases on the risk of involvement in motor vehicle crashes. LERMAN (Y.) ; MATAR (M.) ; LAVIE (B.) et al. THE JOURNAL OF TRAUMA. 1995; 1058-1062, issn 0022-5282ARTICLE.

Measles immunization strategies for an epidemiologically heterogeneous population : the Israeli case study.AGUR (Z.) ; DANON (Y.L.) ; ANDERSON (R.M.) et al. PROCEEDINGS ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES. 1993; 81-84, issn 0962-8452ARTICLE.

Pulse mass measles vaccination across age cohorts.AGUR (Z.) ; COJOCARU (L.) ; MAZOR (G.) et al. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 1993; 11698-11702, issn 0027-8424ARTICLE.

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