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Cold chain deficiencies in central asian republics.STEINGLASS (R.) ; HASSELBLAD (C.) ; LARSEN (G.) et al. THE LANCET. 1992; 242-, issn 0140-6736ARTICLE.

Mortality estimates for south East Asia, and INDEPTH mortality surveillance : necessary but not sufficient ?RAO (Chalapati). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2013; 1196-1199, issn 0300-5771ARTICLE.

Collaborating with users. = Collaborer avec les utilisateurs : impliquer des groupes difficiles à atteindre dans la recherche - première partie.LUND (Susi) ; DENICOLO (Pam). EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PALLIATIVE CARE. 2012; 82-86, ill., issn 1352-2779ARTICLE.

The GTZ-SEAMEO - UPM/CPH partnership (1982-1998).TIGLAO (Teodora-V) ; Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization. Regional Tropical Medicine and Public Health Network. Bangkok. THA(com.) ; German Agency for Technical Cooperation. Eschborn. DEU(com.). SOUTHEAST ASIAN JOURNAL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH. 2002; 84p., issn 0125-1562FASCICULE.

A South-East Asian perspective. KOH (D.) ; CHIA (S.E.) ; JEYARATNAM (J.) et al. OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE. 2000; 64-73, issn 0962-7480ARTICLE.

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Monitoring the progress of health-for-all strategies: the situation in South-East Asia.WYSOCKI (M.J.) ; KRISHNAMURTHI (C.R.) ; ORZESZYNA (S.). WORLD HEALTH STATISTICS QUARTERLY. 1990; 16-24, issn 0379-8070ARTICLE.

Children needing protection : experience from South Asia.DE SILVA (Dgharendra). ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD. 2007; 931-934, issn 0003-9888ARTICLE.

Psychosocial and mental health needs of refugees-experience from SE Asia.HIEGEL (J.-P.). TROPICAL DOCTOR. 1991; 63-66, issn 0049-4755ARTICLE.

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Public health in India : Future challenges.GANDHI (J.C.) ; Indian Public Health Association. Calcutta. IND(com.). INDIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2002; 135-144, issn 0019-557XARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

An Afghanistan experience.SUTTON (Brett-A). THE MEDICAL JOURNAL OF AUSTRALIA. 2003; 591-593, issn 0025-729XARTICLE.

Food intake and socioeconomic status in children in Northeast Thailand.ONLUE (P.) ; WEDEL (M.) ; SAOWAKONTHA (S.) et al. 1991; 42-50, issn 0041-3232ARTICLE.

The dilemmas of aid : Cambodia 1992-2002. GOLLOGLY (L.). THE LANCET. 2002; 793-798, issn 0140-6736ARTICLE.

A retrospective study on imported Malaria in Jordan.1. Malaria among Jordanian UN Peacekeeping Forces. = Étude rétrospective du paludisme d'importation en Jordanie.1. Le paludisme chez les forces jordaniennes de maintien de la paix de l'ONU.KANANI (K.) ; AMR (Z.S.) ; SHADFAN (B.) et al. BULLETIN DE LA SOCIETE DE PATHOLOGIE EXOTIQUE. 2014; 110-114, issn 0037-9085ARTICLE.

Intercountry prevalences and practices of betel-quid use in south, southeast and eastern Asia regions and associated oral preneoplastic disorders : an international collaborative study by Asian betel-quid consortium of south and east Asia.LEE (Chien-Hung) ; MIN-SHANKO (Albert) ; WARNAKULASURIYA (Saman) et al. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER. 2011; 1741-1751, issn 0020-7136ARTICLE.

Status of epidemiology in the WHO South-East Asia region : burden of disease, determinants of health and epidemiological research, workforce and training capacity.DHILLON (Preet-K) ; JEEMON (Panniyammakal) ; ARORA (Narendra-K) et al. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2012; 847-860, issn 0300-5771ARTICLE.

"Why doesn't she seek help for partner abuse ?" An exploratory study with South Asian immigrant women.AHMAD (Farah) ; DRIVER (Natasha) ; MCNALLY (Mary-Jane) et al. SOCIAL SCIENCE AND MEDICINE. 2009; 613-622, issn 0277-9536ARTICLE.

Biomedical publications in South Asian countries.RAHMAN (M.). INDIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2003; 72-74, issn 0019-557XARTICLE.

Independent Effect of Ethnicity on Glycemia in South Asians and White Europeans.MOSTAFA (Samiul-A) ; DAVIES (Melanie-J) ; WEBB (David-R) et al. DIABETES CARE. 2012; 1746-1748, issn 0149-5992ARTICLE.

Hmong immigrants'views on the education of their deaf and hard of hearing children. WATHUM-OCAMA (John-C) ; ROSE (Susan). AMERICAN ANNALS OF THE DEAF. 2002; 44-53, issn 0002-726XARTICLE.

Epidemiology of autism in Singapore : findings of the first autism survey. = Epidémiologie de l'autisme à Singapour : résultats d'une première étude sur l'autisme. BERNARD-OPITZ (V.) ; KWOOK (K.W.) ; SAPUAN (S.). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REHABILITATION RESEARCH. 2001; 1-6, tabl., issn 0342-5282ARTICLE.

Towards offshore manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry ?POLASTRO (E.T.). CHIMICA OGGI. 1994; 13-18, issn 0392-839XARTICLE.

Advocating for education of the muslim girls in South Asia. AHMAD (J.S.). PROMOTION AND EDUCATION. 1999; 10-48 (5p.), issn 1025-3823ARTICLE.

Progress of leprosy elimination in South-East Asia Region.LOBO (Derek) ; CHATURVEDI (S.) ; SHARMA (A.L.) et al. INDIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2003; 160-170, issn 0019-557XARTICLE.

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