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Incidence, origin and significance of staphylococci on processed poultry.MEAD (G.C.) : GBR. Inst food res. Agricultural food res council. Bristol; DODD (C.E.R.).THE JOURNAL OF APPLIED BACTERIOLOGY. 1990, issn 0021-8847; S81-S91ARTICLE.

Meta-analysis of observational epidemiological studies : a review.JONES (D.R.) : GBR. Univ Leicester. Dep community health. Leicester royal infirmary. Leicester Leics.JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE. 1992, issn 0141-0768; 165-168ARTICLE.

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Draft registration of health care personnel.LOTT (C.M.) : USA. Office secretary defense assignment army health care specialist headquarters. Selective serv system. Washington DC.MILITARY MEDICINE. 1991, issn 0026-4075; 178-180ARTICLE.

Use and abuse of anabolic and other drugs for athletic enhancement.CATLIN (D.H.); HATTON (C.K.).ADVANCES IN INTERNAL MEDICINE. 1991, issn 0065-2822; 399-424ARTICLE.

Ever so risky.THE LANCET. 1990, issn 0140-6736; 216-217ARTICLE.

An estimate of the need for environmental health academicians in the workforce.ANDERSON (A.C.); LEVINE (E.); STERN (B.) et al.PUBLIC HEALTH REPORTS. 1990, issn 0033-3549; 410-414ARTICLE.

7e Symposium over Volksgezondheid. Back to Basics : Epidemiology as the Template Science for Public Health, Brussels, 5 December 2003.ARCHIVES OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2003, issn 0778-7367; 69p.FASCICULE.

Screening.BRITISH MEDICAL BULLETIN. 1998, issn 0007-1420; 262p.FASCICULE.

Ethics in the medical profession : Quality of Care. ANDERSON (P.C.) : USA. University of Missouri Health Science Center. Columbia MO..ARCHIVES OF DERMATOLOGY. 1997, issn 0003-987X; 1361-1362ARTICLE.

Prevention.MANT (D.) : GBR. Univ Southampton. Fac medicine. Aldermoor health cent. Southampton..THE LANCET. 1994, issn 0140-6736; 1343-1346ARTICLE.

Public health : An overview : Health in Sweden : The National Public Health Report 2012. Chapter 1.DANIELSSON (Maria); DANIELSSON (Maria) et al.TALBACK (Mats); SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2012, issn 1403-4948; 6-22ARTICLE.

Etica, ética médica y otros menjunjes. = Ethics; medical ethics.AMC. ACTA MEDICA COLOMBIANA. 1990, issn 0120-2448; 338-341ARTICLE.

Selenium : its role as antioxidant in human health.TINGGI (Ujang) : AUS. Centre for Public Health Sciences. Queensland Health Scientific Services. Coopers Plains..ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE. 2008, issn 1342-078X; 102-108ARTICLE.

Automédication. = Self-medication.JOLLIET (Pascale) : FRA. Service pharmaco-clinique. Centre hospitalier universitaire Hôtel-Dieu. Nantes..LA REVUE DU PRATICIEN. 2004, issn 0035-2640; 1609-1613ARTICLE.

General concepts in full scale simulation : Getting started.SEROPIAN (Michael-A) : USA. Departments of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine and Pediatrics. Oregon Health and Science University. Portland..ANESTHESIA AND ANALGESIA. 2003, issn 0003-2999; 1695-1705ARTICLE.

Complementary and alternative medicine.MEDICAL CLINICS OF NORTH AMERICA. 2002, issn 0025-7125; 213p.FASCICULE.

Stérilisation par plasma atmosphérique : Stérilisation alimentaire. = Sterilization using atmospheric plasma. KOULIK (P.) : FRA. Lohr Industrie. Ilkirch.; KRAPIVINA (S.); SAITCHENKO (A.) et al.LE VIDE. 2002, issn 1266-0167; 160-168ARTICLE.

Health services and the public health. DONALDSON (L.J.) : GBR. Department of Health. Room 109 Richmond House. Whitehall London..JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY AND COMMUNITY HEALTH. 2002, issn 0143-005X; 835-840ARTICLE.

Medical negligence. SATISH KAMTAPRASAD TIWARI (.) : IND. Department of Pediatrics. Dr Panjabrao Deshmukh M Medical College. Shivaji Nagar. Amravati Maharashtra.; BALDWA (Mahesh) : IND. Department of Law. Mumbai University. Mumbai..INDIAN PEDIATRICS. 2001, issn 0019-6061; 488-495ARTICLE.

Measuring risks in humans : The promise and practice of epidemiology.ILSI Europe Workshop on Assessing Health Risks from Environmental Exposure to Chemicals : the Example of Drinking Water.. 2000; S59-S63COMMUNICATION.

XXXVIIIes journées de F.M.C. : Tours - 18-21 Septembre 2000.REVUE DE MEDECINE DE TOURS ET DU CENTRE-OUEST. 2000, issn 1247-0163; (38p.)FASCICULE.

Epidemiology in progress : thoughts, tensions and targets : The future in epidemiology.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 1999, issn 0300-5771; 997-999COMMUNICATION.

Le tabagisme : un problème de santé publique. Faits et méfaits : Comment arrêter de fumer ? = Tabagism : a public health problem. Toxicity and tobacco withdrawal. RUFF (F.) : FRA. Faculté de médecine Necker-Enfants-Malades (Paris V). Paris..SCIENCES. 1999, issn 0151-0304; 10-24ARTICLE.

A comprehensive clinical epidemiological theory based on the concept of the source person-time and four distinct study stages. STEINECK (G.); KASS (P.H.); AHLBOM (A.) et al.ACTA ONCOLOGICA. 1998, issn 0284-186X; 15-23ARTICLE.

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