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Artemisinin-Resistant Malaria : Research Challenges, Opportunities, and Public Health Implications.FAIRHURST (Rick-M) ; NAYYAR (Gaurvika-Ml) ; BREMAN (Joel-G) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND HYGIENE. 2012; 231-241, issn 0002-9637ARTICLE.

Changes in the resistance of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine in Hainan, China.LIU (De-Quan) ; LIU (Rui-Jun) ; REN (Dao-Xing) et al. BULLETIN OF THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. 1995; 483-486, issn 0042-9686ARTICLE.

Using national health weeks to deliver deworming to children : lessons from Mexico.FLISSER (A.) ; VALDESPINO (J.L.) ; GARCIA-GARCIA (L.) et al. JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY AND COMMUNITY HEALTH. 2008; 314-317, issn 0143-005XARTICLE.

Repeated Artemisinin-Based Combination Therapies in a Malaria Hyperendemic Area of Mali : Efficacy, Safety, and Public Health Impact.SAGARA (Issaka) ; FOFANA (Bakary) ; GAUDART (Jean) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND HYGIENE. 2012; 50-56, issn 0002-9637ARTICLE.

The WHO model list of essential drugs. WILLIAMS (J.D.). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS. 1999; 171-180, issn 0924-8579ARTICLE.

Pharmacokinetics of Oral Sitamaquine Taken with or without Food and Safety and Efficacy for Treatment of Visceral Leishmaniais : A Randomized Study in Bihar, India.SUNDAR (Shyam) ; SINHA (Prabhat-K) ; DIXON (Susan-A) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND HYGIENE. 2011; 892-900, issn 0002-9637ARTICLE.

Échec du traitement de Plasmodium falciparum par atovaquone-proguanil. = Atovaquone-proguanil treatment failure in Plasmodium falciparum.CONTENTIN (Laetitia) ; GRAMMATICO-GUILLON (Leslie) ; DESOUBEAUX (Guillaume) et al. LA PRESSE MEDICALE. 2011; 1081-1083, issn 0755-4982ARTICLE.

The rising incidence of serious chloroquine overdose in Harare, Zimbabwe : emergency department surveillance in the developing world. QUEEN (H.F.) ; TAPFUMANEYI (C.) ; LEWIS (R.J.) et al. TROPICAL DOCTOR. 1999; 139-141, issn 0049-4755ARTICLE.

Clinicoepidemiological study of drug resistance in Indian kala-azar.SUNDAR (S.) ; THAKUR (B.B.) ; TANDON (A.K.) et al. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1994; 307-, issn 0959-8146ARTICLE.

Hazard identification of the potential for dieldrin carcinogenicity to humans.STERN (Alan-H). ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH. 2014; 188-214, issn 0013-9351ARTICLE.

Soft targets or partners in health ? Retail pharmacies and their role in Tanzania's malaria control program.KAMAT (Vinay-R) ; NYATO (Daniel-J). SOCIAL SCIENCE AND MEDICINE. 2010; 626-633, issn 0277-9536ARTICLE.

Coverage and costs of a school deworming programme in 2007 targeting all primary schools in Lao PDR.PHOMMASACK (Bounlay) ; SAKLOKHAM (Khamhoung) ; CHANTHAVISOUK (Chitsavang) et al. TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND HYGIENE. 2008; 1201-1206, issn 0035-9203ARTICLE.

Access to essential drugs in poor countries : A lost battle ?PECOUL (B.) ; CHIRAC (P.) ; TROUILLER (P.) et al. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. 1999; 361-367, issn 0098-7484ARTICLE.

Antipaludéens de synthèse : toxicité rétinienne et recommandations actuelles sur la surveillance : Actualités en ophtalmologie. = Retinal toxicity of antimalarial drugs and current recommendations on monitoring patients.AUDO (Isabelle). LA REVUE DU PRATICIEN. 2013; 64-65, issn 0035-2640ARTICLE.

Vaccins antiparasitaires : où en est-on ? Maladies parasitaires. = Antiparasitic vaccines : where are we now ?ROGIER (Christophe) ; ELSE EBOUMBOU MOUKOKO (Carole) ; ORLANDI-PRADINES (Eve) et al. LA REVUE DU PRATICIEN. 2007; 183-188, issn 0035-2640ARTICLE.

Molecular epidemiology of malaria in Cameroon. XXIV. Trends of in vitro antimalarial drug responses in YAOUNDE, Cameroon.BASCO (Leonardo-K) ; RINGWALD (Pascal) ; Organisation de Coordination pour la lutte contre les Endémies en Afrique Centrale. (O.C.E.A.C.). Institut de Recherche pour le Développement. (I.R.D.). Laboratoire de Recherche sur le Paludisme. Unité de Recherche Paludologie Afro-tropicale. Yaoundé. CMR et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND HYGIENE. 2007; 20-26, issn 0002-9637ARTICLE.

How frequent are notified severe cutaneous adverse reactions to Fansidar ?STURCHLER (D.) ; MITTELHOLZER (L.) ; KERR (L.) et al. DRUG SAFETY. 1993; 160-168, issn 0114-5916ARTICLE.

Gangrène gazeuse bilatérale des membres inférieurs, consécutive à des injections intramusculaires de quinine. = Bilateral gas gangrene of the lower limbs secondary to intramuscular injections of quinine.DE CARSALADE (Georges-Yves) ; DE BRETTES (Anne) ; BACQUAERT (Sandrine) et al. LA PRESSE MEDICALE. 2013; 1415-1418, issn 0755-4982ARTICLE.

Effects of the antimalarial drugs ferroquine and artesunate on Plasmodium yoelii yoelii gametocytegenesis and vectorial transmission.MUSTFA (Kamla) ; LANDAU (Irène) ; CHABAUD (Alain-Gabriel) et al. SANTE. 2011; 133-142, issn 1157-5999ARTICLE.

Malathion exposure and the incidence of cancer in the agricultural health study.BONNER (Matthew-R) ; COBLE (Joseph) ; BLAIR (Aaron) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. 2007; 1023-1034, issn 0002-9262ARTICLE.

A Global Subsidy for Antimalarial Drugs.GELBAND (Hellen) ; SEITER (Andreas) ; BREMAN (Joel-G)(éd.) et al. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND HYGIENE. 2007; 219-226, issn 0002-9637ARTICLE.

Community control of scabies : a model based on use of permethrin cream.TAPLIN (D.) ; PORCELAIN (S.L.) ; MEINKING (T.L.) et al. THE LANCET. 1991; 1016-1018, issn 0140-6736ARTICLE.

Inhaled frusemide and asthma.CHUNG (K.F.) ; BARNES (P.J.). THE LANCET. 1990; 1539-, issn 0140-6736ARTICLE.

Monitoring antimalarial drug resistance in India via sentinel sites : outcomes and risk factors for treatment failure, 2009-2010.MISHRA (Neelima) ; JAI PRAKASH NARAYAN SINGH ; SRIVASTAVA (Bina) et al. BULLETIN OF THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. 2012; 895-904, issn 0042-9686ARTICLE.

Cost-effectiveness of parenteral artesunate for treating children with severe malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.LUBELL (Yoel) ; RIEWPAIBOON (Arthorn) ; DONDORP (Arjen-M) et al. BULLETIN OF THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. 2011; 504-512, issn 0042-9686ARTICLE.

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