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Regulating Psychotherapy or Restricting Freedom of Speech ? California's Ban on Sexual Orientation Change Efforts.APPELBAUM (Paul-S).PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 5-7, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Assessing the Evidence Base for Behavioral Health Services : Introduction to the Series.DOUGHERTY (Richard-H); LYMAN (Drussell); GEORGE (Preethy) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 11-15, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Racial-Ethnic Disparities in Outpatient Mental Health Visits to U.S. Physicians, 1993-2008.MANSEAU (Marc); CASE (Brady-G).PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 59-67, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Use of Health Care Services Before and After a Natural Disaster Among Survivors With and Without PTSD.ROSENDAL (Susanne); MORTENSEN (Erik-Lykke); ANDERSEN (Henrik-Steen) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 91-97, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Lessons Learned Through a National Partnership Between Clinical Leaders and Researchers.KIRCHNER (Joann-E); KEARNEY (Lisa-K); RITCHIE (Mona-J) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 577-579, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Gender Differences in VA Disability Status for PTSD Over Time.SAYER (Nina-A); HAGEL (Emily-M); NOORBALOOCHI (Siamak) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 663-669, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in a Nationwide Survey of Office-Based Physician Practice.PATEL (Sapana-R); HUMENSKY (Jennifer-L); OLFSON (Mark) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 681-684, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Barriers to and Facilitators of Physical Activity Among Persons With Schizophrenia : A Survey of Physical Therapists.SOUNDY (Andrew); STUBBS (Brendon); PROBST (Michel) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 693-696, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Disparities in Repeat Visits to Emergency Departments Among Transition-Age Youths With Mental Health Needs.ARATANI (Yumiko); ADDY (Sophia).PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 685-688, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Advancing the Recovery Orientation of Hospital Care Through Staff Engagement With Former Clients of Inpatient Units.KIDD (Sean-A); MCKENZIE (Kwame); COLLINS (April) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 221-225, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Trends in Anxiolytic-Hypnotic Use and Polypharmacy in Taiwan, 2002-2009 : A Nationwide, Population-Based Survey.WANG (Liang-Jen); CHEN (Yi-Chih); CHEN (Chih-Ken) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 208-214, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Illness Management and Recovery : A Review of the Literature.MCGUIRE (Alan-B); KUKLA (Marina); GREEN (Amethyst) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 171-179, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Psychotropic Prescribing for Persons With Intellectual Disabilities and Other Psychiatric Disorders.EDELSOHN (Gail-A); SCHUSTER (James-M); CASTELNOVO (Kim) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 201-207, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Public Stigma and Self-Stigma : Differential Association With Attitudes Toward Formal and Informal Help Seeking.PATTYN (Elise); VERHAEGHE (Mieke); SERCU (Charlotte) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 232-238, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Inadequate Treatment of Black Americans With Bipolar Disorder.JOHNSON (Kaja-R); JOHNSON (Sheri-L).PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 255-258, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Peer-Run Antistigma Photovoice Intervention.RUSSINOVA (Zlatka); SALLY ROGERS (E.); GAGNE (Cheryl) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 242-246, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

The Washington Heights Community Service Model : Positive Outcomes and Implications for Reimbursement Under the ACA.DRAGATSI (Dianna); BRADFORD (Jean-Marie-e); HOLDERNESS (Claire-C) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 284-286, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Prevalence and Correlates of Suicidal Ideation Among Parolees.YU (Sung-Suk-violet); SUNG (Hung-En); MELLOW (Jeff) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 381-386, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Project STYLE : A Multisite RCT for HIV Prevention Among Youths in Mental Health Treatment.BROWN (Larry-K); HADLEY (Wendy); DONENBERG (Geri-R) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 338-344, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Medicaid Lapses and Low-Income Young Adults'Receipt of Outpatient Mental Health Care After an Inpatient Stay.SLADE (Eric-P); WISSOW (Lawrence-S); DAVIS (Maryann) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 454-460, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Peer Support Services for Individuals With Serious Mental Illnesses : Assessing the Evidence.CHINMAN (Matthew); GEORGE (Preethy); DOUGHERTY (Richard-H) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 429-441, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Biological Explanations of Generalized Anxiety Disorder : Effects on Beliefs About Prognosis and Responsibility.LEBOWITZ (Matthew-S); PYUN (John-J); AHN (Woo-Kyoung) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 498-503, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

An Agenda for Advancing Research on Crisis Intervention Teams for Mental Health Emergencies.CROSS (Amanda-Brown); MULVEY (Edward-P); SCHUBERT (Carol-A) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 530-536, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Physicians'Influence on Primary Care Patients'Reluctance to Use Mental Health Treatment.HORNIK-LURIE (Tzipi); LERNER (Yaacov); ZILBER (Nelly) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 541-545, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

Safety and Privacy Outcomes From a Moderated Online Social Therapy for Young People With First-Episode Psychosis.GLEESON (John-F); LEDERMAN (Reeva); WADLEY (Greg) et al.PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES. 2014; 546-550, issn 1075-2730ARTICLE.

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