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The no-fault flavor of disability syndromes ?FERRARI (R.) ; KWAN (O.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 2001; 77-84, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Ecosystems supporting clusters of sporadic TSEs demonstrate excesses of the radical-generating divalent cation manganese and deficiencies of antioxidant co factors Cu, Se, Fe, Zn : Does a foreign cation substitution at prion protein's Cu domain initiate TSE ?PURDEY (M.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 2000; 278-306, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Non-communicable diseases : is their emergence in industrialized societies related to changes in neuroendocrine function ?BICKLER (S.W.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 2000; 825-828, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Computer analysis of environmental temperature, light and noise in intensive care : chaos or chronome nurseries ?ARDURA (J.) ; ANDRES (J.) ; ALDANA (J.) et al. MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 1997; 191-202, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Sporadic transmission of hepatitis C. NEWMAN (P.E.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 1996; 351-353, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

An appraisal of Albert Einstein's chronic illness.SRI KANTHA (S.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 1994; 340-346, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

From the common cold to cancer : how evolution and the modern lifestyle appear to have contributed to such eventualities.LEEMING (R.A.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 1994; 145-150, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

The iodine-selenium connection : its possible roles in intelligence, cretinism, sudden infant death syndrome, breast cancer and multiple sclerosis.FOSTER (H.D.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 1993; 61-65, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Is the ingestion of fluoride an immunosuppressive practice ?SUTTON (P.R.N.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 1991; 1-3, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Historical evidence that residential electrification caused the emergence of the childhood leukemia peak. MILHAM (S.) ; OSSLANDER (E.M.) ; Washington State Department of Health. Olympia. WA. USA. MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 2001; 290-295, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Does'imprinting'with low prenatal vitamin D contribute to the risk of various adult disorders ?MCGRATH (J.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 2001; 367-371, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

bêta-casein A1, ischaemic heart disease mortality, and other illnesses. MCLACHLAN (C.N.S.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 2001; 262-272, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

The rise in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide and the effects on human health. ROBERTSON (D.S.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 2001; 513-518, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

The fetal origins hypothesis : linking pineal gland hypoplasia with coronary heart disease and stroke. MAURIZI (C.P.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 1998; 357-358, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Promotion of interleukin-2 activity as a strategy for'rejuvenating'geriatric immune function. MCCARTY (M.F.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 1997; 47-54, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

A scientific reappraisal of the'principle of similarity. BELLAVITE (P.) ; ANDRIOLI (G.) ; LUSSIGNOLI (S.) et al. MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 1997; 203-212, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Optimizing exercise for fat loss.MCARTY (M.F.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 1995; 325-330, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Cultural transitions and epidemiology.INCHINGOLO (G.M.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 1994; 201-206, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Hereditary cancer gene hunting. A phase of declining success ?EISINGER (F.) ; HORSMAN (D.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 2007; 690-692, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Multiple factor indices of protection or risk towards disease. BELFIORE (F.) ; LANNELLO (S.) ; Institute of Medicina Interna e Speciality Intemistiche. Chair of Internal Medicine. University of Catania Medical School. Ospedale Garibaldi. Catania. ITA. MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 2001; 200-206, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Radiation hormesis : an ecological and energetic perspective. PARSONS (P.A.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 2001; 277-279, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Alternative medicine in ancient and medieval history. PRIORESCHI (P.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 2000; 319-325, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Wisdom of the body. ZAJICEK (G.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 1999; 447-449, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Tuberculosis II : the failure of the BCG vaccine. MAES (R.F.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 1999; 32-39, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

Alfred Nobel's unusual creativity : an analysis. SRIKANTHA (S.). MEDICAL HYPOTHESES. 1999; 338-344, issn 0306-9877ARTICLE.

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