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Decision-support and intelligent tutoring systems in medical education.FRIZE (M.); FRASSON (C.).CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 2000; 266-269, issn 0147-958XARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Relation between hospital HIV/AIDS caseload and mortality among persons with HIV/AIDSs in Canada. HOGG (R.S.); RABOUD (J.); BIGHAM (M.) et al.CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1998; 27-32, issn 0147-958XARTICLE.

Clinical trials and tribulations : a personal view of interacting with pharmaceutical manufacturers. SCHEIFELE (D.W.).CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1997; 188-192, issn 0147-958XARTICLE.

The professional perspective : why get involved ?MCMURTRY (R.Y.); BROWN (A.D.).CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1994; 343-353, issn 0147-958XARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Legal liability of physicians in medical research.SAVA (H.); MATLOW (P.T.); SOLE (M.J.) et al.CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1994; 148-184, issn 0147-958XARTICLE.

Pelvic inflammatory disease : cumulative incidence in primary care.RUSSELL (M.L.); LOVE (E.J.).CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1992; 66-70, issn 0147-958XARTICLE.

The Ontario HIV seroprevalence study of childbearing women : results from the first year of testing.COATES (R.A.); FRANK (J.W.); ARSHINOFF (R.) et al.CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1992; 1-7, issn 0147-958XARTICLE.

Prospects for academically trained pediatricians in academic medicine.LEDLEY (F.D.); LOVEJOY (F.H.JR).CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1992; 518-526, issn 0147-958XARTICLE.

Public and private views of identity : acceptance of the 19990 ross award.SCRIVER (C.R.).CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1991; 167-175, issn 0147-958XARTICLE.

The challenges of teaching an old subject in a new world : a personal perspective. Discussion.HAASE (P.); ROSENBLATT (D.); RANGACHARI (P.) et al.CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 2000; 81-85, issn 0147-958XARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Perspectives on health and cultural pluralism : ethics in medical education.COWARD (H.); HARTRICK (G.).CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 2000; 261-265, issn 0147-958XARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Influence of undergraduate and postgraduate education on recruitment and retention of physicians in rural Alberta.WATANABE (M.); FICK (G.H.).CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1995; 217-228, issn 0147-958XARTICLE.

Assuring the affordability of Canada's health care system.ROWAND (R.S.); SCULLY (H.E.).CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1994; 328-333, issn 0147-958XARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Can our health care system by saved ?Canadian Society for Clinical Investigations. CANcom.CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1994; (28p.), issn 0147-958XFASCICULE, CONGRES.

The feasibility and efficacy of early discharge planning initiated by the admitting department in two acute care hospitals.PARFREY (P.S.); GARDNER (E.); VAVASOUR (H.) et al.CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1994; 88-96, issn 0147-958XARTICLE.

Physicians' perceptions of laboratory costs in the intensive care unit.COOK (D.J.).CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1992; 476-481, issn 0147-958XARTICLE.

The quality of medical science.LEDLEY (F.D.).CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1992; 513-517, issn 0147-958XARTICLE.

Auditing of clinical research ethics in a children's and women's academic hospital. BORTOLUSSI (Robert); NICHOLSON (Diann).CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 2002; 83-88, issn 0147-958XARTICLE.

Disproportion of economic impact, research achievements and research support in digestive diseases in Canada. BECK (Ivan-T).CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 2001; 12-36, issn 0147-958XARTICLE.

Presentation and discussion of pharmacology. Discussion.ROTH (S.); LYON (M.); NAKATSU (K.) et al.CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 2000; 90-92, issn 0147-958XARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

The student's perspective. Discussion.CHAN (A.W.); PEETS (A.); MACLEOD (S.) et al.CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 2000; 103-105, issn 0147-958XARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.


"Give us good measure" : the basic medical sciences and the overloaded curriculum. Discussion.RANGACHARI (P.K.); LUKOWIAK (K.); RANGACHARI (P.) et al.CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 2000; 39-46, issn 0147-958XARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

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Restructuring health services delivery research : a community-based model. SELLORS (J.W.); MITCHELL (C.).CLINICAL AND INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE. 1998; 203-208, issn 0147-958XARTICLE.

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