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Evolution of information on women and heart disease 1957-2000 : A review of archival records and secular literature. MILLER (Christine-L) ; KOLLAUF (Cynthia-R) ; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. School of Nursing. Milwaukee. WI. USA. HEART AND LUNG. 2002; 253-261, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Women's Initiative for Nonsmoking (WINS V) : Under-use of nicotine replacement therapy. MAHRER-IMHOF (Romy) ; FROELICHER (Erika-Sivarajan) ; LI (Wen-Wen) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 2002; 368-373, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Preventing treatment interference : The nurse's role in maintaining technologic devices. HAPP (M.B.). HEART AND LUNG. 2000; 60-69, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Recommendations of the National lung health Education Program. BOYLE (Anne-H) ; WATERS (Haidee-F) ; Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing. USA. HEART AND LUNG. 2000; 446-449, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Decision making of nurses practicing in intensive care in Canada, Finland, Northern Ireland, Switzerland, and the United States. LAURI (S.) ; SALANTERA (S.) ; CALLISTER (L.C.) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 1998; 133-142, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Reduction of noise levels in intensive care units for infants : evaluation of an intervention program.ELANDER (G.) ; HELLSTROM (G.) ; Univ Lund. Care res unit. Lund. SWE. HEART AND LUNG. 1995; 376-379, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Working in an intensive or non-intensive care unit: does it make any difference?BOUMANS (N.P.G.) ; LANDEWEERD (J.A.) ; Univ Limburg. Dep health sci. MD Maastricht. NLD. HEART AND LUNG. 1994; 71-79, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Effect of intensive care simulation on anxiety of nursing students in the clinical ICU.ERLER (C.J.) ; RUDMAN (S.D.) ; Purdue univ. School nursing. West Lafayette IN. USA. HEART AND LUNG. 1993; 259-265, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Crisis and ethical dilemmas : who will care for the rural nurse ?SIGSBY (L.M.). HEART AND LUNG. 1991; 523-525, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

A videotape intervention for sexual counseling after myocardial infarction. STEINKE (Elaine-E). HEART AND LUNG. 2002; 348-354, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Asthma education : Creating a partnership. REINKE (L.F.) ; HOFFMAN (L.). HEART AND LUNG. 2000; 225-236, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Advanced practice nursing role delineation in acute and critical care : Application of the Strong Model of Advanced Practice. MICK (D.J.) ; ACKERMAN (M.H.). HEART AND LUNG. 2000; 210-221, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Y2K : Need for health care professionals to be responsible and prepared. GARDNER (R.M.). HEART AND LUNG. 1999; 377-379, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Responding to symptoms and signs of acute myocardial infarction : How do you educate the public ? A social-psychologic approach to intervention. ALONZO (A.A.) ; REYNOLDS (N.R.) ; Department of Sociology and the College of Nursing. The Ohio State University. Columbus. USA. HEART AND LUNG. 1997; 263-272, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Effect of intravascular surveillance and education program on rates of nosocomial bloodstream infections. COHRAN (J.) ; LARSON (E.) ; ROACH (H.) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 1996; 161-164, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Utilization of emergency medical services for symptoms of acute myocardial infarction.MEISCHKE (H.) ; EISENBERG (M.S.) ; SCHAEFFER (S.M.) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 1995; 11-18, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

A comparison of Australian and American registered nurses' use of life-sustaining medical devices in critical care and high-dependency units.MCCONNELL (E.A.) ; FLETCHER (J.) ; NISSEN (J.H.) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 1993; 421-427, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Care-giver suffering in critical care nursing.HYLTON RUSHTON (C.). HEART AND LUNG. 1992; 303-306, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Can treatment with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in elderly patients with moderate to severe chronic heart failure be improved by a nurse-monitored structured care program ? A randomized controlled trial. EKMAN (Inger) ; FAGERBERG (Björn) ; ANDERSSON (Björn) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 2003; 3-9, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Subject recruitment in critical care nursing research : A complex task in a complex environment.GRAP (Mary-Jo) ; MUNRO (Cindy-L) ; Virginia Commonwealth University. School of Nursing. Richmond. VA. USA. HEART AND LUNG. 2003; 162-168, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Long-term effects of pediatric intensive care unit hospitalization on families with young children. BOARD (Rhonda) ; RYAN-WENGER (Nancy). HEART AND LUNG. 2002; 53-66, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Reliability and validity of the Critical Care Family Needs Inventory in a dutch-speaking belgian sample. BIJTTEBIER (P.) ; DELVA (D.) ; VANOOST (S.) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 2000; 278-286, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

A community hospital's effort to expedite treatment for patients with chest pain. GRIFFIN (H.) ; DAVIS (L.) ; GANT (E.) et al. HEART AND LUNG. 1999; 402-408, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

A deviant comes of age. FORD (L.C.). HEART AND LUNG. 1997; 87-91, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

Learning styles and teaching/learning strategy preferences: implications for educating nurses in critical care, the operating room, and infection control.GOLDRICK (B.) ; GRUENDEMANN (B.) ; LARSON (E.). HEART AND LUNG. 1993; 176-182, issn 0147-9563ARTICLE.

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