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Assessing the implementation and effects of a trauma-focused intervention for youths in residential treatment : Sanctuary principles and practice in clinical settings. RIVARD (Jeanne-C) ; BLOOM (Sandra-L) ; ABRAMOVITZ (Robert) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2003; 137-154, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

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Older adult patients with both psychiatric and substance abuse disorders : Prevalence and health service use. PRIGERSON (Holly-G) ; DESAI (Rani-A) ; ROSENHECK (Robert-A). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2001; 1-18, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Special Section Bipolar Illness and Society. Symposium.PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2001; (58p.), issn 0033-2720FASCICULE, CONGRES.

Characteristics of staff victims of patient assault : ten year analysis of the assaulted staff action program (ASAP). FLANNERY (Raymond-Bjr) ; STONE (Phyllis) ; REGO (Stephany) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2001; 237-248, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Development of a model for the detection and treatment of depression in primary care : Delivering primary care/behavioral health care in an integrated way in a national health maintenance organization : Staff model. FEINMAN (J.A.) ; CARDILLO (D.) ; PALMER (J.) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2000; 59-78, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Children, adolescents and trauma : Psychiatric aspects of disaster. SHAW (J.A.). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2000; 227-243, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

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Psychiatrists as treatment team leaders : pitfalls and rewards. RODENHAUSER (P.). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1996; 11-31, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

The treatment of persons with dual diagnoses in a rural community.HOWLAND (R.H.). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1995; 33-49, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

From conversion to coercion : the police role in medication compliance.MEEHAN (A.J.) ; CALLAHAN (Lisa-A)(éd.) ; WILLIAMS-DEANE (Martha)(éd.) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1995; 162-184, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

The state psychiatric center as an academically affiliated tertiary care hospital.BOPP (J.H.) ; FISHER (W.A.). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1995; 237-248, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Evidence-based care for depression in maine : Dissemination of the Kaiser Permanente Nurse TeleCare program. PEARSON (Brian) ; KATZ (Steven-E) ; SOUCIE (Valerie) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2003; 91-102, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Role of the psychiatrist in the care of patients with hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS : Medical illnesses and complications in psychiatric patients.PRICE (Stephen) ; GOYETTE (Juanita). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2003; 261-276, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Metabolic consequences of atypical antipsychotic drugs : Medical illnesses and complications in psychiatric patients.LEBOVITZ (Harold-E). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2003; 277-290, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Characteristics of assaultive psychiatric patients : Ten year analysis of the Assaulted Staff Action Program (ASAP). FLANNERY (Raymond-Bjr) ; SCHULER (Anne-P) ; FARLEY (Ellen-M) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2002; 59-69, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Hispanic access to health/mental health services. RUIZ (Pedro). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2002; 85-91, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Repetitively assaultive psychiatric patients : Review of published findings, 1978-2001. FLANNERY (Raymond-Bjr). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2002; 229-237, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Doctor-patient relations in nazi Germany and the fate of psychiatric patients. HASSENFELD (Irwin-N). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2002; 183-194, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

The impact of racism on the delivery of health care and mental health services.HOLLAR (Milton-C) ; DULCHIN (Michael-C)(éd.) ; OLDHAM (John-M)(éd.). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2001; 337-345, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

A look to the past, directions for the future : Delivering primary care/behavioral health care in an integrated way in a national health maintenance organization : Staff model. QUIRK (M.P.) ; SIMON (G.) ; TODD (J.) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 2000; 79-95, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

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An update on the impact of gun control legislation on suicide. LAMBERT (M.T.) ; SILVA (P.S.). PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1998; 127-134, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

Assessment of service needs of adult psychiatric inpatients : A systematic approach. KAZARIAN (S.S.) ; MCCABE (S.B.) ; JOSEPH (L.W.) et al. PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY. 1997; 5-23, issn 0033-2720ARTICLE.

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