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Chest radiographs in the emergency department : is the radiologist really necessary ?GATT (M.E.) ; SPECTRE (G.) ; PALTIEL (O.) et al. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2003; 214-217, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

What should a suspended doctor do when his actions could save a patient's life ?STEWART (J.A.D.). POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2003; 204-205, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Occupation and gastric cancer.RAJ (A.) ; MAYBERRY (J.F.) ; PODAS (T.) et al. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2003; 252-258, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Future of primary healthcare education : current problems and potential solutions.LORD (J.). POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2003; 553-560, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in the intensive care unit. HADDADIN (A.S.) ; FAPPIANO (S.A.) ; LIPSETT (P.A.). POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2002; 385-392, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Shaken baby syndrome. BLUMENTHAL (I.). POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2002; 732-735, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Ethical, professional, and legal obligations in clinical practice : a series of discussion topics for postgraduate medical education : Introduction and topic 1 : informed consent. GORE (D.M.). POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2001; 238-239, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Education and training in internal medicine in Europe. HILLEN (H.F.P.). POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2001; 727-731, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Closed pelvic fractures : characteristics and outcomes in older patients admitted to medical and geriatric wards. MORRIS (Robert-O) ; SONIBARE (Adeniyi) ; GREEN (Desmond-J) et al. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2000; 646-650, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

The real cost of aspirin. BURGESS (M.I.) ; DENSEM (C.G.) ; BROOKS (N.H.) et al. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2000; 734-735, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Perceptions of malaria transmission before Ross'discovery in 1897. COOK (G.C.) ; WEBB (A.J.) ; Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine. London. GBR. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2000; 738-740, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Induction for senior house officers. Part I : The hospital programme. WARD (S.J.) ; STANLEY (P.) ; School of Education. University of Cambridge. Cambridge. GBR. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1999; 346-350, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

The effect of passive smoking on pulmonary function during childhood. BEK (K.) ; TOMAC (N.) ; DELIBAS (A.) et al. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1999; 339-341, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Do Indo-Asians have smaller coronary arteries ?LIP (G.Y.H.) ; RATHORE (V.S.) ; KATIRA (R.) et al. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1999; 463-466, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Sexual harassment of psychiatric trainees : experiences and attitudes. MORGAN (J.F.) ; PORTER (S.). POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1999; 410-413, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Management of acute myocardial infarction in general medical wards in Sri Lanka. CONSTANTINE (G.R.) ; HERATH (J.I.P.) ; CHANG (A.A.P.T.) et al. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1999; 718-720, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Imported infections in East Birmingham children. RIORDAN (F.A.I.) ; TARLOW (M.J.) ; Department of Paediatric Infectious Diseases. Birmingham Heartlands Hospital. Birmingham. GBR. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1998; 36-37, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

The views of medical students and junior doctors on pre-graduate clinical teaching. WARD (B.) ; MOODY (G.) ; MAYBERRY (J.F.) et al. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1997; 723-725, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Making medical recruitment practices fair. MADDOCK (S.). POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1996; 147-150, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Contract learning, clinical learning and clinicians. PARSELL (G.) ; BLIGH (J.) ; University Medical Education Unit. The University of Liverpool. Liverpool. GBR. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1996; 284-289, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

The homeless. ABDUL-HAMID (W.) ; COONEY (C.). POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1996; 667-670, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Ophthalmic complications of HIV/AIDS. AH-FAT (F.G.) ; BATTERBURY (M.) ; St Paul's Eye Unit. Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Prescot Street. Liverpool. GBR. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1996; 725-730, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Discussing cardiopulmonary resuscitation with patients and relatives.STEWART (K.). POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1995; 585-589, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

The singularity of pluralism.SILVER (G.A.). POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1993; 718-719, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

Introducing the student and trainee to biomedical experimentation : a selective annotated bibliography.OTTOWITZ (W.E.III) ; HALBREICH (U.) ; State univ New York Buffalo. School medicine biomedical sci. Erie County medical cent. Buffalo NY. USA. POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1993; 728-732, issn 0032-5473ARTICLE.

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