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Born-alive infants protection act of 2001, public law no. 107-207. Aap Neonatal Resuscitation Program Steering Committee. USAPEDIATRICS - EVANSTON. 2003; 680-681, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Aspiration of fruit gel snacks. QURESHI (Sonea); MINK (Richard).PEDIATRICS - EVANSTON. 2003; 687-689, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Risk of seizures in survivors of newborn heart surgery using deep hypothermic circulatory arrest. CLANCY (Robert-R); MCGAURN (Susan-A); WERNOVSKY (Gil) et al.PEDIATRICS - EVANSTON. 2003; 592-601, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Does gatekeeping control costs for privately insured children ? Findings from the 1996 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey. PATI (Susmita); SHEA (Steven); RABINOWITZ (Daniel) et al.PEDIATRICS - EVANSTON. 2003; 456-460, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Effects on breastfeeding of changes in maternity length-of-stay policy in a large health maintenance organization. MADDEN (Jeanne-M); SOUMERAI (Stephen-B); LIEU (Tracy-A) et al.PEDIATRICS - EVANSTON. 2003; 519-524, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Restraining the unsustainable. SILVERMAN (William-A).PEDIATRICS - EVANSTON. 2003; 672-674, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Prioritizing strategies for preventing medication errors and adverse drug events in pediatric inpatients.FORTESCUE (Elizabeth-B); KAUSHAL (Rainu); LANDRIGAN (Christopher-P) et al.PEDIATRICS - EVANSTON. 2003; 722-729, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Missed opportunities for sexually transmitted diseases, human immunodeficiency virus, and pregnancy prevention services during adolescent health supervision visits.BURSTEIN (Gale-R); LOWRY (Richard); KLEIN (Jonathan-D) et al.PEDIATRICS - EVANSTON. 2003; 996-1001, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Oral health risk assessment timing and establishment of the dental home.Section on Pediatric Dentistry. INCPEDIATRICS - EVANSTON. 2003; 1113-1116, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Health care research on migrant farm worker children : Why has it not had a higher priority ?BERMAN (Steve).PEDIATRICS - EVANSTON. 2003; 1106-1107, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

The effect of a parenting education program on the use of preventive pediatric health care services among low-income, minority mothers : A randomized, controlled study.EL-MOHANDES (Ayman-Ae); KATZ (Kathy-S); NABIL EL-KHORAZATY (M.) et al.PEDIATRICS - EVANSTON. 2003; 1324-1332, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Comprehensive assessments for children entering foster care : A National perspective.LESLIE (Laurel-K); HURLBURT (Michael-S); LANDSVERK (John) et al.PEDIATRICS - EVANSTON. 2003; 134-142, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Resident stress revisited : A senior pediatric resident's point of view.MORENO (Megan-A).PEDIATRICS. 2003; 411-414, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Environmental risk communication for the clinician.MILLER (Mark); SOLOMON (Gina); BALK (Sophie-J) et al.PEDIATRICS. 2003; 211-217, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Oral rehydration, Emergency physicians, and practice parameters : A national survey. OZUAH (Philip-O); AVNER (Jeffrey-R); STEIN (Ruth-Ek) et al.PEDIATRICS. 2002; 259-261, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

A pediatric, practice-based, randomized trial of drinking and smoking prevention and bicycle helmet, gun, and seatbelt safety promotion. STEVENS (Marguerite-M); OLSON (Ardis-L); GAFFNEY (Cecelia-A) et al.PEDIATRICS. 2002; 490-497, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Multiple-birth infants at higher risk for development of deformational plagiocephaly : II. Is one twin at greater risk ?LITTLEFIELD (Timothy-R); KELLY (Kevin-M); POMATTO (Jeanne-K) et al.PEDIATRICS. 2002; 19-25, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Gastroesophageal reflux and apnea of prematurity : No temporal relationship. PETER (Corinna-S); SPRODOWSKI (Nadine); BOHNHORST (Bettina) et al.PEDIATRICS. 2002; 8-11, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Central precocious puberty in girls : An evidence-based diagnosis tree to predict central nervous system abnormalities. CHALUMEAU (Martin); CHEMAITILLY (Wassim); TRIVIN (Christine) et al.PEDIATRICS. 2002; 61-67, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Recommended childhood immunization schedule-United States, 2002. Committee on Infectious Diseases, 2001-2002. USAPEDIATRICS. 2002; 162-163, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

The prevalence of pain in Pediatric human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome as reported by participants in the Pediatric Late Outcomes study (PACTG 219). GAUGHAN (Denise-M); HUGHES (Michael-D); SEAGE (George-Riii) et al.PEDIATRICS. 2002; 1144-1152, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

The process of public policy formulation : The case of thimerosal in vaccines. FREED (Gary-L); ANDREAE (Margie-C); COWAN (Anne-E) et al.PEDIATRICS. 2002; 1153-1159, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Psychotropic medication use in a population of children who have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. GUEVARA (James); LOZANO (Paula); WICKIZER (Thomas) et al.PEDIATRICS. 2002; 733-739, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Epidemiology of pediatric injury-related primary Care office visits in the United States. HAMBIDGE (Simon-J); DAVIDSON (Arthur-J); GONZALES (Ralph) et al.PEDIATRICS. 2002; 559-565, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

Household composition and risk of fatal Child maltreatment. STIFFMAN (Michael-N); SCHNITZER (Patricia-G); ADAM (Patricia) et al.PEDIATRICS. 2002; 615-621, issn 0031-4005ARTICLE.

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