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Sleep disorders in a military population. POULIOT (Zoe); PETERS (Mel); NEUFELD (Herb) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2003; 7-10, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Resistance patterns of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates in the Turkish army from 1998 to 2000. SARACLI (Mehmet-A); ALBAY (Ali); GUNEY (Cakir) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2003; 24-27, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Removal of parasitic protozoa from water using a mobile water filtration apparatus intended for field use by military or emergency personnel. ROBERTSON (Lucy-J); GJERDE (Bjorn-K); OPSAHL (Morten) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2003; 53-56, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Medical support of the Sinai Multinational Force and observers : An update, 2001. ROWE (John-R).MILITARY MEDICINE. 2003; 110-115, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Exertional heat illness in Air Force basic military trainees.SMALLEY (Brian); JANKE (Robin-M); COLE (David) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2003; 298-303, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Service use and satisfaction among elderly former prisoners of war in South Carolina.FRUEH (Bchristopher); SAUVAGEOT (Julie-A); ELHAI (Jon-D) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2003; 682-687, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Caribbean public health laboratory surveillance project : A Department of defense-sponsored humanitarian mission.WRITER (James-V); KELLEY (Patrick-W); BOISSON (Eldonna-V) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2003; 843-848, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Comparison of two sources of U.S. Air Force Injury Mortality data.COPLEY (Gbruce); SMITH (Gordon-S); GRAYSON (Jkevin) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2003; 792-796, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Quality assessment of primary health care in a military setting.MANDEL (Dror); ZIMLICHMAN (Eyal); ASH (Nachman) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2003; 890-892, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

The assessment of human health risks from rodent-borne diseases by means of ecological studies of rodent reservoirs. ZIZI (Martin); HEYMAN (Paul); VANDENVELDE (Christian) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2002; 70-73, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

The Department of Defense's Persian Gulf War Registry year 2000 : An Examination of veterans'Health status. STUART (John-A); MURRAY (Kelly-M); URSANO (Robert-J) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2002; 121-128, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Recent trends in workload, input costs, and expenditures in the Air Force Medical Service Direct Care System. ROBBINS (Anthony-S); MOILANEN (Dale-A); FONSECA (Vincent-P) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2002; 304-307, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Teaching military medicine : Enhancing military relevance within the fabric of current medical training. ROY (Michael-J); BRIETZKE (Stephen); HEMMER (Paul) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2002; 277-280, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Evaluation of spouse abuse treatment : Description and evaluation of the Air Force Family Advocacy programs for spouse physical abuse. BREWSTER (Albert-L); MILNER (Joel-S); MOLLERSTROM (Willard-W) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2002; 464-469, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Dental cost of deploying a national guard unit to Bosnia. CHAFFIN (Jeffrey); BROOKS (Sidney); KAHUE (Phil) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2002; 474-477, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Access to mental Health services at veterans affairs community-based outpatient clinics. WOOTEN (Adam-F).MILITARY MEDICINE. 2002; 424-426, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Laboratory conditions and safety in a chemical warfare agent analysis and research laboratory. KARAYILANOGLU (Turan); KENAR (Levent); KOSE (Songul) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2002; 628-633, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

A theoretical perspective using resource dependency to predict the potential migration of medicare-eligible Military beneficiaries into the department of defense's managed care system. COPPOLA (Mnicholas); HUDAK (Ronald-P); GIDWANI (Pradeep-G) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2002; 726-731, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Generalizability of U.S. Air Force studies : 1990 and 2000 demographic distribution comparison of U.S. active duty Air Force personnel and the U.S. general population. FOLIO (Les); HANSON (Eric); CHAO (Susan) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2002; 911-919, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Proceedings of the 15th conference on military medicine, June 4-7,2001.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2002; 29p., issn 0026-4075FASCICULE, CONGRES.

Factors influencing human immunodeficiency virus postexposure prophylaxis requests after low-risk occupational exposure.EASTHAM (John-H); EDWARDS (Kathleen-A); GODWIN (Reugene) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2002; 506-509, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Obesity-related hospitalization costs to the U.S. Navy, 1993 to 1998. BRADHAM (Douglas-D); SOUTH (Brett-R); SAUNDERS (Heather-J) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2001; 1-10, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

The cost-saving potential of prevaccination antibody tests when implementing a mass immunization program. MEMISH (Ziad-A); ONI (Gbolahan-A); BANNATYNE (Robert-M) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2001; 11-13, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

The effect of "mentored" relationships on satisfaction and intent to stay of company-grade U.S. Army Reserve nurses. PREVOSTO (Patricia).MILITARY MEDICINE. 2001; 21-26, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

Values identified in different groups of Air Force nurses. HUTCHISON (Billye-G); ALL (Anita-C); LOVING (Gary-L) et al.MILITARY MEDICINE. 2001; 139-145, issn 0026-4075ARTICLE.

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