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Myeloid leukemia in Prader-Willi syndrome. DAVIES (Hdele); LEUSINK (Geraline-L); MCCONNELL (Athena) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2003; 174-178, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Distribution of specialized care to children : Role of the pediatric generalist and subspecialist. MCMILLAN (Julia-A).JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2002; 491-492, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Fear of litigation may increase resuscitation of infants born near the limits of viability. BALLARD (Dustin-W); YUELIN LI (.); EVANS (Jacquelyn) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2002; 713-718, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Predictors of developmental disabilities after open heart surgery in young children with congenital heart defects. LIMPEROPOULOS (Catherine); MAJNEMER (Annette); SHEVELL (Michael-I) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2002; 51-58, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Prevalence and correlates of household exposures to tobacco smoke and pets in children with asthma. WAMBOLDT (Frederick-S); HO (Joyce); MILGROM (Henry) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2002; 109-115, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Prospective multicenter study of relapse after treatment for acute asthma among children presenting to the emergency department. EMERMAN (Charles-L); CYDULKA (Rita-K); CRAIN (Ellen-F) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2001; 318-324, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

A competing risk model of sudden infant death syndrome incidence in two US birth cohorts. POLLACK (Harold-A); FROHNA (John-G).JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2001; 661-667, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

The increasing prevalence of snacking among US children from 1977 to 1996. JAHNS (Lisa); SIEGA-RIZ (Anna-Maria); POPKIN (Barry-M) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2001; 493-498, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Helicobacter pylori-associated iron-deficiency anemia in adolescent female athletes. YON HO CHOE (.); YOUNG SE KWON (.); MIN KYUNG JUNG (.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2001; 100-104, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Validity of the Test of Infant motor Performance for discriminating among infants with varying risk for poor motor outcome. CAMPBELL (Suzann-K); HEDEKER (Donald).JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2001; 546-551, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Calcium fortification of breakfast cereal enhances calcium absorption in children without affecting iron absorption. ABRAMS (Steven-A); GRIFFIN (Ian-J); DAVILA (Penni) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2001; 473-526 (8p.), issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Hirschsprung disease associated with severe cartilage-hair hypoplasia. MAKITIE (Outi); KAITILA (Ilkka); RINTALA (Risto) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2001; 929-931, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Universal versus targeted screening of infants for sickle cell disease : A cost-effectiveness analysis. PANEPINTO (J.A.); MAGID (D.); REWERS (M.J.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2000; 201-208, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Childhood obesity in a population at high risk for type 2 diabetes. YOUNG (T.K.); DEAN (H.J.); FLETT (B.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2000; 365-369, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Telephoning the patient's pharmacy to assess adherence with asthma medications by measuring refill rate for prescriptions. SHERMAN (J.); HUTSON (A.); BAUMSTEIN (S.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2000; 532-536, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Stature, weight, and body mass among young US children born at term with appropriate birth weights. OVERPECK (M.D.); HEDIGER (M.L.); RUAN (W.J.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2000; 205-213, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Increased risk of spastic diplegia among very low birth weight children after preterm labor or prelabor rupture of membranes. DAMMANN (O.); ALLRED (E.N.); VEELKEN (N.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 1998; 531-535, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Treatment of hemoglobin Bart's hydrops with bone marrow transplantation. CHIK (K.W.); SHING (Mm-K); LI (C.K.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 1998; 1039-1042, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Pediatric Investigators Collaborative Network on Infections in Canada (PICNIC) study of admission and management variation in patients hospitalized with respiratory syncytial viral lower respiratory tract infection.WANG (E.E.L.); LAW (B.J.); BOUCHER (F.D.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 1996; 390-395, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Development of a vaccine tracking system to improve the rate of age-appropriate primary immunization in children of lower socioeconomic status.ABRAMSON (J.S.); O'SHEA (T.M.); RATLEDGE (D.L.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 1995; 583-586, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE, COMMUNICATION.

Clinical characteristics and risk factors for Vibrio cholerae infection in children.FUKUDA (J.M.); YI (A.); CHAPARRO (L.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 1995; 882-886, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Framework for identifying children who have chronic conditions : the case for a new definition.STEIN (R.E.K.); BAUMAN (L.J.); WESTBROOK (L.E.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 1993; 342-347, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Diarrheal deaths in children living in New Mexico : toward a strategy of preventive interventions.BERN (C.); LEW (J.); MCFEELEY (P.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 1993; 920-922, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Early educational intervention for very low birth weight infants : results from the infant health and development program.MCCORMICK (M.C.); MCCARTON (C.); TONASCIA (J.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 1993; 527-533, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

Resurgence of tuberculosis in children.STARKE (J.R.); JACOBS (R.F.); JEREB (J.) et al.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 1992; 839-855, issn 0022-3476ARTICLE.

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