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Trend to better nutrition on Australian hospital menus 1986-2001 and the impact of cook-chill food service systems.

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Department of Biomedical Science. University of Wollongong. AUS
JOURNAL OF HUMAN NUTRITION AND DIETETICS, Vol 16, N° 4, 2003, pages 245-256, réf. 1p.
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Objective : To assess trends in the nutritional quality of hospital menus and examine differences between menus used in hospitals with cook-chill or cook-fresh food services. Design : Standard patient menus were analysed against 28 criteria to assess nutritional standards and compared with results from similar studies in 1986 and 1993. Setting : Menus were collected from 80 hospitals in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, including 36 using cook-chill food service systems. Statistical analysis Chi-squared analysis was used to assess differences between the proportions of hospitals meeting the criteria in 1993 and 2001, and between different types of hospitals. Results : In 2001, compared with 1993, significantly many hospitals offered more than one hot choice at the evening meal, more menus highlighted low fat items and more calcium-rich foods were available. More than 90% of hospitals allowed patients to select their own menu, offered wholemeal breads and high-fibre breakfast cereals, fresh fruit, polyunsaturated margarine, a milk dessert at least once a day and two or more hot options at the midday meal. Hospitals with cook-chill food services had menus that were more likely to meet nutritional recommendations, although they were less likely to offer a choice of serving size. A high proportion of unpopular choices were offered in menus, especially meat dishes and desserts. Applications/conclusion : Since 1986, NSW hospital menus have improved to offer choices that conform better to dietary guidelines. Cook-chill food services may have positive and negative impacts on meal choices. The assessment criteria are useful in hospitals to assess their menus.
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Amélioration Alimentation Hôpital Structure hospitalière Aliment cuit Homme Australie Océanie
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Amélioration Menu Alimentation Hôpital Service hospitalier Aliment cuit Homme Australie Océanie
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Improvement Menu Feeding Hospital Hospital ward Cooked food Human Australia Oceania

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