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Marriage structure and contraception in Niger.

[1] USA. Institute for Health Policy Studies. University of California. San Francisco.
JOURNAL OF BIOSOCIAL SCIENCE, Vol 31, N° 1, 1999, pages 93-104, 22 réf.
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Analysis of the 1992 Niger Demographic and Health Survey showed that although roughly two-thirds of both polygamous and monogamous women approve of birth control, polygamous wives are less likely than monogamous wives to discuss family size or birth control with their husband or to plan on using birth control, The study suggests that characteristics of polygamous couples have caused polygamous women to be more resistant to birth control use than monogamous women. The polygamous women tended to be married to older men who had not gone to primary school and who desired more children than monogamous husbands. The influence of marital structure is not significantly associated with intention to use birth control when the husband's age and the wife's ideal number of children were controlled for in the multivariate logistic regression model suggesting that background social factors may be more influential. In fact, educational level and age at first marriage were significantly associated with attitudes towards birth control and also with marital structure.
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Niger Afrique Homme Femme Planification familiale Contraception Evaluation Etat matrimonial Statut social Polygamie Milieu rural Milieu urbain Attitude
Mots-clés Pascal
Niger Afrique Homme Femelle Fertilité Planning familial Contraception Evaluation Statut conjugal Statut social Polygamie Monogamie Milieu rural Milieu urbain Attitude
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Niger Africa Human Female Fertility Family planning Contraception Evaluation Marital status Social status Polygamy Monogamy Rural environment Urban environment Attitude

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