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Atopic eczema and other manifestations of atopy : results of a study in East and West Germany.

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Department of Dermatology. Hamburg University. Hamburg. DEU
Medical Institute for Environmental Hygiene at Düsseldorf University. Auf'm Hennekamp 50. Düsseldorf. DEU
ALLERGY, Vol 51, N° 8, 1996, pages 532-539, 37 réf.
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Within an environmental health study, dermatologic examination of 1273 pre-school-age children (5-7 years old) was carried out in selected areas of East (n=287) and West (n=987) Germany in spring 1991. On the basis of comparable genetic background, the influence of a different exposure to air pollutants on the manifestation of atopic diseases was investigated. Halle an der Saale (East Germany) and Duisburg (North/South) as well as Essen (West Germany) were chosen as polluted study areas, whereas the countryside town of Borken (West Germany) served as a control region. Outdoor pollution with particles and SO2 was significantly higher in Halle an der Saale. Of the total study group, 12.9% suffered from atopic eczema at the time of examination. The prevalence was highest in East Germany (17.5% ; adjusted odds ratio [OR] 1.39, confidence intervals [CI] 0.77-2.52, compared to Borken). The reported frequencies of hay fever and asthma in the total study population were 2% and 1.3%, respectively, without significant differences between study sites. Some 34.7% of the children showed at least one positive skin prick test reaction ; significantly (P<0.001) higher sensitization rates were obtained in western regions (Essen, Duisburg-South) than in the control region (Borken) and East Germany. Multivariate analysis of the prevalence of atopic eczema showed associations with parental predisposition (OR 1.52, CI 1.03-2.25), sex (for boys, OR 0.63, CI 0.43-0. (...)
Mots-clés BDSP
Eczéma Prévalence Epidémiologie Allemagne Europe Polluant Pollution atmosphérique Homme Allergie Peau [pathologie]
Mots-clés Pascal
Eczéma Prévalence Atopie Epidémiologie Allemagne Europe Polluant Pollution air Homme Allergie Immunopathologie Peau pathologie
Mots-clés Pascal anglais
Eczema Prevalence Atopy Epidemiology Germany Europe Pollutant Air pollution Human Allergy Immunopathology Skin disease

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